Monday, January 12, 2009


Could you please do me a big favor? I'd appreciate it so much if you voted for my pal Jim and his blog Mother, May I Sleep with Treacher? I'm not sure if its for money or prestige but award is an award and Jim absolutely deserves it. He's given me so many fits of the giggles that he's now the potential BredaluciĆ³n! joke writer. I do love me some Treacher.

Time is running out so cast your vote, well...right now.


Old NFO said...

Yes Dear :-) Done, he's still in 3rd.

Dave Zeman said...

gracious there was a 7000 vote difference... I don't think I'll get 7000 views in a year, though I have hit 50,000 in my MySpace blog over 3 years.

I tried.

I should subscribe if he's that funny.



jim treacher said...

Heck, I'm just trying to catch up to 2nd. Kind of tough when the other nominees get Wonkette links. But it's worth a shot. Thanks, you guys!

Mike W. said...

Treacher's definitely a funny guy.