Monday, January 5, 2009

obvious choice

It takes quite a woman to be Man of the Year.


Turk Turon said...

Very cool!

Earl said...

Practiced my speed reading to get to the name of the lady, but finally it appeared. Good choice, and the comparison with England's wonderwoman was a good one, although I believe that the whole of English Parliment is so superiour to the American Congress.

Crucis said...

And now she's a Grandma!

I can't think of a better candidate for 2012. She'd get my vote. My fear is that the last election may turn her off politics. I hope not.

Dock said...

Loquor tibi equidem.

WV = founp which is the sound that a big industrial rubber band makes when you make it taut and strum it. Founp founp founp!

B Smith said...

"It takes quite a woman to be Man of the Year."

With the type of 'men' who have been making the news lately? I beg to differ. Sarah Palin has bigger balls than any of the Al-Gore and Hollywood sissy-boys that we continue to see paraded by far too many media.
And if you require someone with an actual penis? Easy---Todd Palin, who has the quiet, manly confidence (and good sense) to keep his mouth shut, take the second seat, and support his outstanding wife.