Sunday, March 15, 2009


The gunshow was bustling yesterday - the parking lots were crowded and there was even a line to pay for admittance. We met up with our friend Heath (and his fu-stache. It's so spectacular, it really deserves its own mention) and made our way through the aisles. I appreciated Heath being there because it gives Mike a chance to discuss rifles and other assorted gun geekery with someone who doesn't look at him like a deer in headlights. I usually wander off by myself to check out knives, admire antique guns and hunt down the ever elusive beef jerky. I also really love the people at gunshows - the dealers like to chat, the crowd is really diverse (yes, really) and everyone is unfailingly friendly.

I try to wear something bright to gunshows so that I can be easily found in the sea of denim and khaki - I'm small and people tend to lose me. Heath mentioned that it would be helpful if I wore a bike flag. I laughed and suggested, "Just look for the Breda-sized gap in the crowd."

There was lots to see - things that made me say"oooh" and things that just made me laugh, like this...

I also was able to find two little fixed blade knives that I liked, a Smith & Wesson caping knife and a Ka-Bar TDI LDK. The caping knife is going to need a new holster (is it "holster", when speaking of knives?) either leather or kydex, because the nylon one it came with is just not working for me. But the Ka-Bar is a little gem - it's smaller than a credit card and almost as thin. I could wear it on a cord around my neck, under my shirt, and no one would ever know. Sneaky and stabby, small and sharp. Perfect.


Band Roady said...

When dealing with knives, sheath is the proper term for holster.
Also, with that Ka-Bar,and any knife with a kydex sheath, you can carry it in one your armpits like a shoulder carry harness for a pistol. you can find more info on the CRKT website attn. Mercharness

Anonymous said...

Let us know how that little Ka-Bar works out for you - that thing caught my eye when I was shopping for my last sharp-and-pointy.

And, hey, the tube folks are just recycling! That is good for the planet and shtuff... or something.

rickn8or said...

The thing I enjoy about gunshows is the sheer novelty of talking with people that are more paranoid than I am.

Roadkill said...

Congrats on the TDI, Breda! I know you've been drooling over my Emerson LaGriff for awhile. Now you need an On/Scene Tactical sheath for it.

Mike W. said...

That KaBar looks cool. I need to buy one I think.

"I'm small and people tend to lose me."

Falnfenix had the same issue at the gun show we went to.

Sounds like you had a good time. You should bring Mom Fallacy to the next one.

doubletrouble said...

As mentioned, it is a sheath for knives.

The lady of the house, Mrs. Doubletrouble, does custom leather work (mostly for horses), but also makes holsters, belts, & sheaths.

If you're interested, I'm sure she could be persuaded to making up something for you for the cost of postage.

Anonymous said...

Obama tube? I don't get it.


Warthog said...

Sneaky and stabby?

Remind me not to piss you off.

Anonymous said...

The idea behind the "Obama tube" is to hide or bury your soon-to-be-confiscated valuables inside of.

These are actually mil surplus containers.

I myself have been figuring out ways to stash a couple hundred rounds each of 9mm, 45acp, 357, 44mag, 45colt, 223, and 12g buckshot in one of those 24" long 4" diameter PVC tubes they sell at Home Depot. Got the end caps and such. Ammo is all premium stuff.

I have also seen similar things made from Coleman or Igloo coolers with a water tight seal.

Having a stash is nice, but, burying stuff creates a whole host of problems.

Ken said...

I picked up a Swedish Mora knife very inexpensive last fall. Doggone good knife so far, but the sheath it came with is problematic for a southpaw (and though I'm no expert in these matters, doesn't strike me as being otherwise all that, either). I will cheerfully do my own research, but suggestions are also welcome.

Anonymous said...

Most Tandy Leather stores employ leather workers. Most are willing to do short seminars. The one local to us had never made gun holsters himself but was willing to discuss pattern making and demonstrate everything then allow members of a local carry forum come in and after several people cleared each gun (with some creative table arrangement for rule #1) help us do basic holsters for our carry guns.

dr mac said...

Gotta love those Obama tubes. I thought they were for putting under the portopotty.

Anonymous said...

I can't remember where I heard it from but it explains my feelings on the Obama tubes perfectly.

"My guns get buried after I am."

Anonymous said...

I saw the question about sheath for a Mora. Here are some JRE ready-made leather sheaths for various MORA knives at Ben's Backwoods (I've purchased many cool things from Ben over the past few years - nice fellow). Note the 'firesteel' loop on some of these models.

More from the folks at JRE - if you don't see one ready-made for your knife, I'll bet they can accomodate you:

And here's a 'how to' on making yourself a kydex sheath for a Mora Clipper: