Monday, March 16, 2009

I know! Let's make a law against rape!

Last week I saw an article on CNN that said police near two Kansas universities are warning students about the possibility of a serial rapist. They think the same man has raped 13 women during the last 8 years. The typical advice was given - lock your doors, don't go out at night alone, report anything suspicious, blah blah blah.

The article also reported that the women's center and a group called "Wildcats Against Rape" were handing out pamphlets on campus.

"Oooh," I thought. "Wildcats! It reminds me of The Cornered Cat - maybe they're teaching women to fight back! Cool!" So I googled the name and Not so much with the self-defense.

From the site I learned that although their name is W.A.R., they are are a "nonviolent culture-change group" looking to "change the part of our culture that makes it acceptable for people to take control away from others and behave in a violent, selfish way." Good luck with that. And apparently we live in a "rape culture" where men should promise to be different and women should walk in packs to "take back the night." Or something.

But the thing I found most interesting (read as: "pathetic" and/or "ignorant") is that they chose the symbol of the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989 to represent their mission. They particularly like the image of the lone man standing before the line of tanks, halting their progress.

It's a powerful image, to be sure, and the man in it was undoubtedly brave and noble.


It's believed that he was later executed by the government.

So protest all you want, Wildcats. Chant your feelgood slogans and hold your little fundraisers but remember...non-violence in the face of violence usually only gets you dead.


Greyhawk said...

How do we eliminate these silly and useless groups that teach women to be rape victims?

Culture change? If culture change is the issue, let's teach women how well a double tap to the breastbone permanently deters a potential rapist.

alan said...

Will they hold their breath until culture changes too?

Culture will change one dead rapist at a time.

Mike W. said...

They want to change the culture that makes rape acceptable?

Um I'm pretty damn sure it's already unacceptable. It's also a crime, yet that doesn't stop rapists.

You can "change the culture" all you want and rapists and murderers will do what they do.

If you want to change the behavior of those who use violence to pray on others you use jacketed hollowpoints.

Why the hell are colleges so insistent on teaching everyone to be good little victims? It's sickening.

pdb said...

...apparently we live in a "rape culture"...

But enough about the Kennedys...

Lissa said...

But Breda -- if they did what YOU suggested, that would empower each individual woman, instead of empowering W.A.R. Why on earth would they want that?

BobG said...

Why would they choose a symbol that shows nothing more than futility?
I think a better symbol would be a woman in boots giving a righteous groin kick to a would-be rapist.
Just my opinion.

Shoothouse Barbie said...

A well deserved "and how!"

Electricfunk said...

Dead rapists have a recidivism rate of 0%

TJP said...

They chose the other symbol because Robb Allen owns the copyright to the brown-splatter-on-underwear logo.

Mind-Numbing Content said...

I believe that he was actually run over by the tank. That is just the story I head but I was 3 when this happened....

Crucis said...

There is some hope for Kansas. They finally passed a CCW law and it's been in effect about 18 months now.

However, there is NO publicity about CCW in Kansas. Missouri, on the other hand, has fliers and signs posted all over advertising CCW training.

Kansas has some weird local sign laws. For instance, "Garage" sales signs are verboten in many municipalities except for a single day a week.

Lawrence, KS (home of Univ of Ks) is a hotbed of airheaded liberalism. Manhattan, KS, home of Kansas State (the Wildcats), are slightly less so. But no by much.

Anonymous said...

Amen, amen, well spoken (Breda)!


OpenMindedRepublican said...

How do we change the 'rape culture'?

Put them in the ground. Actually, crippling for life would probably be a better deterrent (for the others that is, pretty much a wash for the one in the sights)

Joseph said...


I am 45 and have been hearing about this "passive resistance" crap since I was...oh, 15 or so. I didn't work then, it doesn't work now. Nothing except a gun, a knife or a cop is going to to stop a rapist. Guess which one is easiest to carry? And always with you? It's always best to avoid dangerous situations, but sometimes they come looking for you.

It's my attitude that society has crime simply because it tolerates it to a degree. I blame Hollywood for some of it; start portraying rapists(and criminals) as sick looking, diseased social outcasts
who are losers instead of hardass macho studs and see if it makes a difference.
The second to last thing I want to do in the world is shoot anyone, even a criminal attacking me. But the LAST thing in the world I want is to just sit there and let it happen.

Oswald Bastable said...

158 grains of lead in the centre of mass is the best attitude adjuster...

Warthog said...

I have long believed that the last thing a rapist should see on earth was the muzzle of a major caliber firearm and that the last words he should hear are...rape this a--hole.

Anonymous said...

The purpose of public schools is to turn out unthinking people who will follow without question.The us adopted the Prussian model for a reason..

Holly said...

I don't think the kind of guys who commit rape are the kind who are going to read the handouts or attend a little workshop session. Much less be swayed by a protest. "Oh my gosh, I never realized they didn't want to be raped!"

Educating men that rape isn't nice is, to be charitable, just a piece of the puzzle. The rest of the puzzle consists of what you're going to do when you meet a fella who missed the consciousness-raising group and the Fun Run, and my suggestion for that situation would not be "advertise that you're nonviolent."

Retardo said...

'...looking to "change the part of our culture that makes it acceptable for people to take control away from others and behave in a ... selfish way."'

Hey, cool! They're for small government!

Holly said...

I have several thoughts on this, but first let me say that I live in Lawrence, Kansas.

I moved here 2 years ago. I love the town. I love that it's surrounded by farmland, with lots of fresh air and fresh food and grass-fed bacon. I love that it's a liberal hotbed of art, music and culture in the midst of a highly pragmatic farmer-state where people carry and use guns as a matter of course. And contrary to what Crucis said above, it's quite easy to find a CCL instructor in Lawrence. In fact the Lawrence Journal World did a big write-up about the process last year. And all the hubbub about where and when you can carry makes sure that those who wish to get licensed know it is possible and will take steps to do so.

I'm mildly annoyed that every store I want to go into has a no-guns sign in the window, but the whole time I was growing up, it was illegal for me to carry a pocketknife to school, as well. My mother insisted I carry one anyway, and I did. I never showed it to anyone, and I never got in any trouble over it.

The serial rapist thing is mildly troubling to me, but not in any new way--it's not as if I haven't had scary people come to my door before. I follow certain precautions every time the doorbell rings.

The issue of going out drinking and acquaintance rape is not one I've ever encountered or am likely to encounter. However, I made a couple of glaring mistakes when I was younger, and looking back I am amazed at both my luck and my stupidity. College students are at such a time of vulnerability--Many of them are away from home and responsible for themselves for the first time; they create surrogate families out of their friends and dormmates. Most of them never dream that these new friends are not all trustworthy. In such an environment, and in such youthful hands, I cannot see gun ownership or concealed carry as a safe/viable option for 90% of the young people concerned.

The security issues would be a nightmare--dorm rooms are far from secure; one has so little privacy in a dorm anyway, and I can't think of a quicker way to freak out your roommate and have the information spread all over the dorm in two days flat. So much for carrying concealed--I don't like to show my hand like that.

At the same time, I'm annoyed at the banning of guns on the campus. Why should the responsible ten percent be punished?

About the Wildcats group--I object on general principle to the adopting of a semi-sexist name for a feminist group, even though "Wildcats" is the name of K-State's mascot. I think that such a group has the potential to do good, if only by impressing some healthy fear into young women. Basic precautions never hurt anybody. And I can hope that at least one young women will realize the futility of wishing for a better world, and the irony of begging the bad guys to change (which by default keeps you in the role of the victim), and will decide to change herself, instead.

Deciding not to be drunk and out-of-control in public is a big step in the right direction. So is locking your doors--I hate to say it but some of these girls think they're safe just because they're in small-town Kansas. Then if some chick decides to invest some time in learning to defend herself physically--whether with pepper spray, or a martial arts class, or a gun, I say more power to her.

A bit of a lengthy ramble, I know--just some of the thoughts I had.

--the other Holly @ The Literary Assassin

Col. Milquetoast said...

Mary Todd, Director, Sexual Assault Advocate
Kansas State University Women's Center

You'd think she'd be an advocate against sexual assault.

One of the strategies recommended (in the Defining a Rape Culture doc) is "4. Whistle alert (Whistle sounded for help)" but when someone hears the whistle and comes to help which of the 320+ ways to practice non-violence listed at the K-State Women's Center should be used to stop the rape?

#1 public speeches?
#22 protest disrobings? That would seem wildly inappropriate.
#26 & 27 are blank
#33 Fraternization? Who wants to get chatty with a rapist?
#57 Lyristratic nonaction (don't think Lyristratic is a word, probably supposed to be Lysistratic) withholding sex from a rapist is a plan but not a very good plan.

I wonder what the pamphlets they were handing out said? Instead of advocating a nonviolent approach (a just take it approach), I'd be telling women to carry something stabby and aim for the eyes. Something shooty would work too.

katytold said...

SO if i understand all the above, you all have been pretty busy, killing and stabbing and shooting rapists a bunch, huh? I doubt that. We kansans jokeplan Hijinx of Revenge, a la mash's Hawkeye Pierce and his need for humor to bear the monstrous, but
it is true,
we do not follow our inclination to rid the planet of vermin. We don't want to be violent angry assaulters like rapists are. we do seek to elevate those that can be elevated, Rising Waters Lift All Ships. It takes all points on the normal curve to induce change. Why do you want everyone to be the same? i will explore your blog more later, just was surprised to find a really good student group so disrespected for no reason.

tw said...

Just a couple FYI:
If you see the word "wildcat" (as in k-state wildcats) as sexist, you need to move to the mountains or prairies for a while, little dudes, you have been benumbed with media and PC and history. try to free up a bit.
2- k-state has several levels of combatives training offered through top military trainers. we have loads of less rigorous self-defense classes. The foundations started by parents of raped and murdered girls here offer self-defense and combatives every year. we freakin know the score. why so condescending? everything that is happening is not on a webpage.
most rapes around here are through tricks and druggings. guns (which a lot of kansas farmgirls have) don't help in most rape situations -the point is they are not the ONLY solution to this problem.
snark snark!!!
have a cup of tea, dude.

extinct gem said...

Let us not underestimate the strength of nonviolence. Let me correct you my friend, Nonviolence in the face of violence is more powerful than you can ever imagine. Through nonviolence several countries have regained their independence. Seems like you have already used your guns and blogs to spread the message of violence, and it DOES NOT work towards building up a fine Nation! Try doing what Mary Todd and WAR is doing and you will then see the achievements. It is easy to write anonymous blogs from the other side of the shore. It takes courage to support and practice nonviolent. I pity you for not being so brave. May God give you the understanding.

kd said...

I honestly can't believe how judgemental absolutely ignorant people can be. I am the secretary/treasurer of W.A.R., so I think I'm a little more informed than any of you. First of all, I'm a conservative Republican and son of an Army officer, so don't throw the liberal word around (although I'd much rather associate with idealistic liberals than those commenting on this blog). Most of the rapes here - or anywhere for that matter - are by acquaintances. Throw in the fact that many are drugged, and guess what, "fighting back" is impossible. Teaching women to fight is great, but the point that needs to be made is that it shouldn't be the victim's responsibility to end rape. We can touch some people. Most rapists aren't like this serial rapist. Many are boyfriends who have learned from television that "no" doesn't really mean no. They aren't just coldhearted criminals (yet) and can still learn. Bars and other public places can be made safer, and they are because of W.A.R. and other organizations at K-State. Other groups of people that can be influenced through non-violence are law enforcement officials, members of the judiciary system, and anyone who may ever serve on a jury. Only a small percentage of rapes are reported. Out of those, few of the rapists are ever taken to trial. Of those, a high percentage are not convicted. Believe it or not, we can't just take justice into our own hands, so if we can work to get more rapists convicted, real change will actually happen. Fewer rapists will think that they'll get away with it. If a girl manages to fight off a rapist, that's great, but he'll just find someone else unless we all take real responsibility. Mary Todd works with rape victims every day. She is in constant contact with university and community leaders to make changes. I doubt that any of you have ever done a fraction of what she has to stop rape.

marks said...

Blogger Greyhawk said...

"How do we eliminate these silly and useless groups that teach women to be rape victims?"

how foolish. I looked at your site. i am a glenn beck fan, a patriot, and a kansan. you have no idea what WAR does. why would you want to whine and disrespect a group working to eliminate ugly personal violence? do you think you have the only solution? is there just one tact that must be taken? you denigrate the good things you stand for when you act so childish and rude.

Alan said...

LOL... It's always so funny when liberals lie. "i am a glenn beck fan..." Bullshit.

You're a mealy mouth, mush brained liberal who thinks you can sit around singing Kumbaya and the evil people in the world will suddenly "get it" and stop being evil.

Reality doesn't work that way, cupcake.

You need to learn that intentions don't matter in the real world, only actions and results. A group "working to eliminate ugly personal violence" is only worth respect if they're actually accomplishing something. And I promise you, "WAR" isn't accomplishing jack squat, except perhaps stroking the fragile little egos of the people involved in it.

Anonymous said...

I love theories.
How about evidence?
Any social-case study which provides proof for the debate of W.A.R being right to change the epistemological happenings which create rape, or should W.A.R focus more on teaching ladies whoop ass techniques?
Why not both?
WAR has done self-defense promotion actually.
It's not apparent on the website, but whatever.

Beckenfafel said...

see alan, your jumping to conclusions makes you seem so stupid. marks and i started listening to glenn beck when he was mainly just cracking me up. then the marxists moved into power and he became more serious, more crying, more reporting and evidence based. the whoopi and barb on the subway thing was hilarious. but, no, you decide someone is a liar why? you have zero idea about the type of people you are talking to. you are embarrassing yourself to people who are on your side. you are the kind of person who gives patriots a bad name. shame on you.
intentions do matter. the real world as you call it also includes more than this physical plane. you want to be a small minded person who focuses on instant revenge and angry spewings, go ahead. we are all going to die. your intentions and interior hopes and your works do matter. follow lucifer or follow Christ, but don't pretend to be Big when you act so small.
you are not omniscient, so quit already. pull out whatever is stuck in you and relax already. you sound like a screaming liberal with your head cut off.

s a said...

This blogger is expressing at least three common cultural misconceptions: one, that violence can be remedied by more violence. Killing the perpetrators, as in war; even police/judges/jail, as in rape -- these methods, that wait for the violence and then react to it after the fact, actually add more imbalance to an already imbalanced situation and thus healthy balance will never be achieved; two, that NV is passive and ineffectual (yes, NV takes the long, systemic-view rather than the tit-for-tat view but the underlying aim of NV is to address imbalance in a relationship (that we see as unfairness, abuse, etc) from a holistic framework. This allows us to see that there are options for action beyond "an eye for an eye," us or them, etc. -- and, importantly, it gives us time and enough perspective to change the conditions that are leading to conflict and violence in the first place; and, three, the notion that "if we can just rid ourselves of the bad people," the monsters, the rapists - then the Rest-Of-Us will be safe and peace will rein.
The problem with this 'bad apple' theory is that the Bad-Guys actually are not aberrations from the system - they are our brothers and friends; victims are not sluts or irresponsible "others" - they are our sisters and friends. When we swallow hard and face this truth, that: Perpetrators R Us and Victims R Us -- then we also will be able to see that Solutions R Us. This is good news because it empowers each of us to act for real change rather than waiting idly by for a magical authority figure to swoop in and fix things.
Until we see that all of us need to "be the change we wish to see in the world," as Gandhi said; and that waiting for the violence to occur will always and forever leave us a day late and a dollar short -- we will never be able to "get ahead of the violence" and change the conditions that lead to it.
NV asks us to step back: see the conflict in its actual holistic context, identify connections, discern precursors; plan ahead (!); then step up, ourselves, on a daily basis: with NV strategies, tactics and tools designed to change conditions that lead to violence. It isn't as quick or perhaps as immediately satisfying as the adrenalin rush or sugar high of slugging someone but, let's face it, meeting violence with more violence is All we've ever done - it is our traditional problem solving MO - and look where it has gotten us!
We need to give NV strategies a chance or, one by one, all of our systems will continue to fail (mental health, bodily health, marriages, communities, environment, etc.).
Specifically concerning the snide remarks made about nonviolence by the blogger, remember what Gandhi-ji said:
"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win."
s a

Col. Milquetoast said...

Many are boyfriends who have learned from television that "no" doesn't really mean no.

Maybe I don't watch enough tv but I don't recall Homer raping Marge or Cliff Huxtable raping Alf. Let's see the examples that show tv to be a systemic problem and not tangental to an individual's defect.

If a girl manages to fight off a rapist, that's great

careful, the hypothetical girl and you might get accused of being "violent angry assaulters like rapists"

Some seem to confuse vigilanteism with self defense. Vigilantism is, after an injustice, using force to take justice in your own hands. Self defense is about using force to prevent the injustice from occurring. Or for those who like Gandhi quotes "Fighting a violent war is better than accepting injustice"

Personally, I like katytold's post on her blog although it could be shortened to "don't rape." For most men that is sufficient but I suspect the K-State rapist has heard that but doesn't care and doesn't want to change behavior.

I could be wrong about the limits of NV so feel free to show the vast power of nonviolence to compel someone to behave in a way he doesn't want to : tell us what nonviolent action could induce you into raping someone?

KatyTold said...

I do not have any argument with anyone defending themselves. or defending others. Tell me, Why would you all have that idea?
historically, Nonviolence is a proven tactic. there are others.
The idea that many men do not act with honor and integrity, that they do things which are shameful, frankly, and act towards some women in ways they would not like to be public--is one area we try to educate both men and women. when a man sees his friend "taking care of" a drunk or drugged girl, he can learn to take charge and say, No, don't be an ass (rapist) [like in the Hit Movie 40-year-old Virgin,] finding girls so drunk they can't say "no".

so why all the vitriol towards my wonderful student group? they are a mixed group, many kinds of students, politics, ages, approaches to life. they work hard and take many approaches to this filthy crime, including a group called the Hammer that i can't tell you any more about. I am just curious why you are all so mean to a group you really have very little knowledge of. and the idea that there is only one way to lower the incidence of this crime is faulty. we all have to work toward peaceful freedom in various ways. calling someone a liar bc you don't think he listens to glenn beck is silly. like if i was to say, alan is a porn addict or milquetost likes a little beasty action- why say such things with no evidence? no need for us to get all mean-spirited over this to each other.
i really want some of you to explain why you jump to these baseless conclusions.

Col. Milquetoast said...

I do not have any argument with anyone defending themselves. or defending others....why all the vitriol towards my wonderful student group?

Some of the vitriol is undeserved and based on misconceptions but you yourself did say "We don't want to be violent angry assaulters like rapists are" and the WAR site was about nonviolence and I hadn't seen a single mention of self defense on it.

Denying self defense (as WAR did, at least through omission) and advocating nonviolence implicitly says women shouldn't defend themselves and therefore should just take it. I think everyone should find that offensive.

ktsurvivor said...

I do not understand why we should have to defend our organization to people who are too ignorant to understand. Why question us? We aren't hurting anyone. This is absolutely ridiculous. We are giving students a voice. Typical campus activity. This is a STUDENT GROUP.

Do not disrespect Mary Todd.

ktsurvivor said...

by the way,

I am the 2009-2010 President of W.A.R.! Proud!!!

Anonymous said...

“You're a mealy mouth, mush brained liberal”
And I promise you, "WAR" isn't accomplishing jack squat, except perhaps stroking the fragile little egos of the people involved in it.”
"pathetic" and/or "ignorant"
“How do we eliminate these silly and useless groups”

Why don’t you SHOOT us. Then you can be as intolerant as the other side is.
"Through OMMISSION"!!?? You’re kidding right?
Here in Kansas We have gun clubs, shootin’ ranges, combatives competitions, bow clubs, knife competitions, cow butcherin’, pig neuterin’ and face-slappin contests. WAR has a little niche of maybe helping a sonofabastard who was raised wrong to get a grip, teach the law to idiots, and alert the girls that one in 10 men are evil little grabbers not to be trusted even though they act sweet. We leave the shootin' to them. So go make some smoking hot chili and STFU. really. can't you find someone doing some harm to attack? as mary todd says, Holey FREAKIN Moley.

whitefox said...

My brain just imploded upon itself with the notion that so many people could be so small-minded....

Non-violence can't possibly work because it doesn't kill the rapist dead, huh?

Non-violence EXISTS based on the premise that the other side of that... the VIOLENCE side... already exists. And also exists based on the premise that violence fails in the long term.

Short term, hey, it's a go. Shoot a rapist. Bam. Dead rapist. One less rapist. Seems to be enough immediate gratification for the Die-Hard-movie-goers.

Long term, it doesn't do squat. Please, allow your mind to expand a little. Don't worry, I promise it won't stray too far with the tethers most of you have attached. Let's say a scenario involving a man watching his friend about to engage in criminal behavior occurs, and as the informed person above explained, intervenes because he has been affected by said non-violent organizations and active student groups.

The knowledge of acceptable behavior (ahem.. all forms of raping are wrong and so on) are PERTIENT to forming a solid, sound society. If no one tolerated rapist behaviors.. (made less jokes about rape, included less rape scenes in tv/movies, stopped purposefully getting dates so drunk they cannot lawfully give consent, stopped looking the other way when a friend sexually harassed a woman, etc, etc, ETC)... they would diminish drastically.

Teaching non-rapists that raping is wrong isn't redundant. It is PERTINANT... so that they may teach their sons, friends, fathers, brothers, sisters, mothers, daughters... what is right. And we become stronger as a whole. Non violence takes time. And intelligence.

Broaden your minds past today and our futures may yet have a positive outlook.

Col. Milquetoast said...

Anon, did the w.a.r. site mention self defense or did it omit that subject?

I do not understand why we should have to defend our organization to people who are too ignorant to understand.

I'm sorry, did I inadvertently use the power of nonviolent action to force you to respond? Oops.

Why question us? ... (discussion) is absolutely ridiculous... Do not disrespect Mrs Lincoln ... Achtung! You vill shut up und do as i say vithout question!

Seriously though... Questioning leads to greater knowledge. If you are proud of your org then explaining why shouldn't be difficult to put into words. Several of your compatriots have and while I disagree with parts (and I suspect that on some subjects we will fundamentally disagree and will agree to disagree) hopefully we'll have a better understanding of the other's POV. You might even convince someone

A claim of good intentions shouldn't wash away all questions and any discussion.
I thought explaining the purpose of your org was an essential point of it. Be proud of your org but don't treat it as dogma.

W.A.R. activist : here take this pamphlet
campus hippy : Duuuuude, did you know you can make paper out of hemp?
W.A.R. activist : Stop questioning me!
campus hippy : (looks at the pamphlet) Duuuude, Abe Lincoln's old lady wrote this! Do you have a time machine?
W.A.R. activist : Stop questioning me!
campus hippy : (finishes reading the pamphlet) Duuuuude, so if I sleep with a chick who is, like, y'know stoned and I'm like, y'know stoned does that mean we're raping each other?
W.A.R. activist : Stop questioning me!

Col. Milquetoast said...

Non-violence can't possibly work because it doesn't kill the rapist dead, huh?

No, the problem with nonviolence is that there is a hard limit to what it can effect. If you disagree then explain what nonviolent action could induce you into raping someone?

btw, just because someone supports self defense doesn't mean they aren't perfectly ok with nonviolent techniques. But if nonviolent techniques fail then I'd rather have someone shoot the bastard than for a woman to get raped. Nonviolent principles aren't worth someone getting raped.

included less rape scenes in tv/movies

Careful, your book burning totalitarian side is showing. The answer to bad free speech is more speech not less.

Unlike the Culture Change War on Words and Metaphors (from the W.A.R. site : "Stop Rape!  Top Ten Things that Men Can Do...Avoid words" ) I'd rather the culture be changed to a culture where a theatrical depiction of a rape or calling someone a dog doesn't cause anyone to become a rapist. Much of the Ten Things list is good; like #10.

ktsurvivor said...


Am I hearing this right? You think that just because we are creating an environment for women to come and feel safe by saying what's on their mind that we are just hippies who aren't accomplishing jack squat?

Is this really what our country has become?

I am the 2009-2010 President of Wildcats Against Rape and I think that if you are not in the organization, or even from our state, you have no right to say anything about us. I will say this one time. WE ARE NOT A SELF-DEFENSE ORGANIZATION. That is a completely different issue that we do not have the knowledge about or the right to put something like that on. We leave that up to the professionals. WE ARE A STUDENT ORGANIZATION. We are accomplishing a lot by just getting a group of students together for a cause especially the way the world is today.

Why even bring the politics into this? That is not what this group is about. I was raised an extreme Conservative and still carry on those beliefs. This is a multi-cultural group that encourages that diversity is great! It's what makes us the great nation we are today. I don't think that you really even know what we have accomplished. The 2008-09 President did so many great things and it made us known throughout Manhattan. That's all the gratification we need.

Have any of you ever been a victim of a rape? Have any of you ever known anyone who has been a victim of a rape? We are a group appealing to the VICTIMS. We help them heal. Why bring any other violent behavior in to it? What do guns or any of the things you guys are whining about have anything to do with this argument? We have nothing to do with any of that. We might have discussions about it and whatnot, but we don't base our STUDENT ORGANIZATION about it. Geez.

Why don't you guys make yourself useful and talk about a cure for Cancer, feeding the starving children in Africa or China, or talk about issues like Human Trafficking or the Congo? Why waste your time bashing student groups? Why make the students in the organization feel worthless?


ktsurvivor said...

And just because I do not think that you are worth my time to explain why W.A.R. means so much to me and my other "compatriots," does not mean that I am not proud of my organization. There is more to life than arguing over something stupid. I have said what I need to say. I see anyone who forms a Bash Blog on a College Organization as week and pathetic and it's like going back to middle school to even try to get anything through your thick, ignorant skulls. Especially since I have this 4-year-old man nit-picking at everything I say and putting words into my mouth.

Wow. I think we need another flood, God.

Col. Milquetoast said...


I doubt Mary Todd would want to be considered a poor fragile little flower who can't take a little mocking.

I'm going to try my own nonviolent culture change action. Repeat after me : Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt Mary Todd or me.

Why make the students in the organization feel worthless?

I'm sure your organization does good things so some criticism shouldn't make anyone feel worthless. But I do hope you consider the limited returns of some techniques and choose to use your time and resources as efficiently as possible to accomplish as much as possible.

marytodd said...

Hey everyone. How YOU doin? dang, for supposed nonviolent students you WARers can sure hurl back a mean meant-to-hurt insult! I guess violence does beget violence, even in the world of speech.

WAR and the K-State Women's Center does REFER women to combatives and other self defense resources. We keep an updated list and sponsor classes and trainings. We do so much that is not on our little webpage, we use our resources as we can.
It's important to note that just like everyone doesn't bring chile to a potluck, everyone doesn't bring a gun to a culture change. Why are so many men raping? What part is culture, TV, what part biology, hormones in the meat, too much Viagra, freaking BOATLOADS of violent porn EVERYWHERE at eye level for 3 year olds. How do you change this culture, even if it is only 20% or 50% of the problem? You can’t make people get spiritual. You can’t make people raise their kids with values. Yes, you can shoot someone who is hurting you but OUR selected goal is to educate, motivate, assist, etc. The more the issue is discussed in public the more women feel free to come forward. Many women don’t realize what defines rape. Sad but true. For men too.
Breda Please don’t judge ANYthing on a freaking quote from CNN. I am misquoted all the time. I lose 10 IQ points every time someone interviews me. Read earlier posts in the Mary’s Be A Gooddog Blog on this.

It is very sweet and heartwarming that the students rise up to defend my good name. Yes, I can take a punch – the two are unrelated.

There is a limit to what ANYthing can effect. (‘cept Love. The Power of Love exceeds all things)) We have our little area. It seems to be making an impact in several areas. In Congo, raped women and kids have guns and knives shoved inside after the assault and their organs are damaged. One fundraiser sent $$$ to the hospital that fixes them up. We also sent sweatpants etc. to the SANE SART nurses here in our own hospital to give to rape victims after their clothing is collected for evidence. Just reading about that in the local newspaper changes people who never realize these things go on. It all works together.
I don’t want to go over every point. But can we all NOT have our heads explode and our eyes bleed? FuCryin out loud!
Love and kisses,

whitefox said...

I apologize if I was unclear. At least in my own opinion, adopting non-violent principles does not mean you should not be prepared to defend yourself. Self defense techniques are a must in my book. If I was being attacked, I sure wouldn't hesitate to use violence.

But non-violence and "violence" can and should coexist. Punishment for criminals who break the law is necessary. But pushing for an active non-violent culture should be common because of all those reasons mentioned in my above post.

"Careful, your book burning totalitarian side is showing. The answer to bad free speech is more speech not less."

I should have explained more thoroughly what I meant by that. I did not mean excluding rape from modern media... I was referring to movies that portray men getting women drunk so they can get into bed with them- as a common and acceptable practice of the young American male.