Wednesday, March 18, 2009

nutty gun nuts

Last night's Gun Nuts Radio was interesting. (All the back story and show details can be found here) It was a good show, naturally, but a series of events made the whole thing feel a little wacky...

1. The topic was changed from AHSA to the Department of Defense's brass scrapping plans at the very last minute,
2. I was doing the show from my mom's house (that was a photo of her kitchen in the previous post, by the way and those were her targets on the fridge - good shooting, Mom!),
3. Caleb showed up on the Blogtalk site live on webcam (& it might be me next week. Ack), and
4. we discovered that the DoD had rescinded the order for brass to be scrapped while we were on the air, leaving us grasping for yet another topic.

Despite all this, Caleb and I did a fantastic job of filling the hour and we even had a very special, brand new caller! Well, technically, the person did not call in because I handed him the phone.

Yes, that's right - I managed to get Mike on the show! Listen now by visiting the site or by finding us on iTunes!


Joseph said...

Maybe next time you could do a Mom Fallacy would be different and no doubt interesting!! Perhaps how the two of you got started shooting.

ditto said...

A good fall back topic could be the ever looming AWB.

Always loving any pictures you post since they show real life.


Assrot said...

I'm so glad that dear old dad and I bought 10,000 rounds of that Lake City .30-06 several years ago.

I'm still reloading brass from the first couple thousand rounds. The other 3,000 of my half is still in the safe unfired and looking prettier by the minute.



P.S. - Maybe we should start a sub-genre of Gun Nuts called Ammo Nuts.

Old NFO said...

Yeah, that was an interesting show... took a BUNCH of left turns! Good talking to ya though!