Saturday, April 18, 2009

for your listening pleasure!

Have you heard about The Vicious Circle?

Every week, Alan of snarkybytes manages to gather together a number of well-known bloggers for entertaining and sometimes even educational discussions on a variety of geeky and gunny topics. They even had the always contentious 1911 vs. Glock debate without a fight breaking out - no mean feat, that. The blogroll shows who has been on the show so far, but you never know who might make an appearance. (Gun Nuts doesn't have a monopoly on The Breda, you know.)

Links to the prerecorded podcasts are at the site and are also available on iTunes. Be sure to check back every week for some thing new!

The quick wit and brilliant minds of those who hang out regularly in the Gunblogger Conspiracy have always reminded me of the Algonquin Round Table, so I was the one who suggested the name for the podcast. I think Mrs. Parker would approve.


alan said...

And thank you very much for the name!

Cappy said...

Hey, is Lake County any better on gun ownership than eastern Cuyahoga? My guess is the answer would be yes.

Dang it gal, why didn't anybody tell me that Willoughby Brewing has a brewmaster from Stone Brewing. I guess I'll just have to bestir my flabby DBA a** out there and give it a try.