Tuesday, April 21, 2009

oh, you rebel

I'll one up you, Meghan McCain.*

I have a piercing.

*15 minutes up yet? Tick tock, sweetcheeks.


Anonymous said...

I have a tattoo of a piercing. So there.

the pistolero said...

That clock ain't runnin' near fast enough...and even more troubling is the fact that there are those in the GOP who want to keep rewinding it to 0:00.

B Smith said...

Who the hell is Meghan McCain? (/sarc)

WV: fieva: Do me a fieva, stawp tawkin 'bout Meghan.

Tam said...


It'd be nice if the GOP stopped worrying about what was printed on the money and started worrying about where it came from and what it got spent on. I might even start calling myself a Republican again...

atlharp said...

"I'll one up you, Meghan McCain.*

I have a piercing."

I saw Danzig on the first tour, own Flipside Vinyl, Have crap loads of Motorhead CD's, have dated lesbians, done Acid, etc.......what does this prove? Well that when I was younger I knew how to have a good time? Well kind of, that was till you end up in the hospital.
It also proves that none of these things has sh*t to do with ideas, and political philosophy. This chick needs to get her own reality show and to fade into irrelevancy.

John B said...

She can't get a reality show, She looks like Paris Hilton, and we got one already...

Actually she looks like her mom.

I checked her website, She says she voted for Kerry in 2004.

That told me all I need.

I don't party with amateurs, idiots, or traitors.

She wasn't going to show us her tattoo anyway!