Saturday, May 23, 2009

dinner conversation

Me: "I'd like his head on a pike outside the front door."

Him: "Umm...okay."

Me: "My birthday's coming up. Just sayin'."


Anonymous said...

The million dollar question: Whose head?


Cliff47 said...

That would not be the head of our Fearless Leader, would it? May have to line up for that one.

Buckshot said...

I thought she was talking about the TSA people, but I guess not as there would have to be MORE THAN ONE TSA head out there.

Back with the rest, not sure who she is talking about.

Did you bring the limit of .380 ACP back with you?


misanthropic777 said...

I have a list of heads I'd like on pikes. It's kind of a long list, and my wife refuses to indulge me about it.

Warthog said...

Like the exchange in Babylon 5 between Mordon and Vir?

M: What do you want?
V: I want to live just long enough to wave into your lifeless eyes after you've been beheaded and your head put on a pike in the royal courtyard as a reminder that some deals come with too high a price.