Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Miss last night's Gun Nuts Radio?

Learn how to download here.

Honestly, though, I have to tell you...if you're not participating live, you really are missing all the fun. Sign up for chat and hang out with all of your other favorite bloggers and hey, we even have our very own Gun Nuts Drinking Game now! (although you might need to stock up or buy the economy sized bottles...just sayin'.)


Earl said...

Safe journey and do blog while there. And behave like a gun toting librarian!

wv wines this must mean something!

Rangerider said...

Hi Breda,
found out about the Blog Bash too late to attend. I want to make sure not to miss the next one. When is it, or where can I check so that I can make plans to attend the next one?

Thanks. Hope to see you in Phoenix.

Old NFO said...

I was on the road again... dammit... maybe next week!