Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Gun Nuts, Blog Bash, oh my!

Tune in tonight for a special 2A Blog Bash edition of Gun Nuts Radio! Visit Caleb's blog for all the details and be sure to call in to speak to me before I leave for Phoenix. Let me know what you'd like me to report on while I'm at the Annual NRA Meeting and Exhibits and if you went to last year's blog bash, I'd love to hear your fondest memories and funniest stories - preferably about my dapper and well-armed co-host, Caleb.

I'm leaving tomorrow! On an airplane! With a gun! I need to go pack!


Brigid said...

Have a safe trip my dear. I have absolutely NO idea what time zone I'm in, but can always hear gun nuts post show, which is great with my schedule.

Chris said...

What do you think about this librarian?


Found your blog through another blog off NortheastShooters.com and I remembered that you were a librarian.


Mad Saint Jack said...

I just had an idea for a T-shirt like the Got Milk? logo.

It would say:

Got .380?

The Duck said...

Hopefully I'll see you there, although it's a big show. Will only be in town on Friday, Saturday I have to be in Salt Lake City

Rangerider said...

I found you through the Home On The Range Blog. I have become a regular there. I just discovered that you will be in Phoenix. I will be there on Saturday. I was going to ask you how I could find you, but it's too late now. I will try to find you anyway, I would like to meet you. Have several questions to ask.

Hope we can meet.