Monday, May 11, 2009

patience please

I know I'm supposed to be a gunblogger and I haven't been writing much about guns lately. I apologize for that but between the ammo shortage, the arrival of spring (which means spring cleaning, gardening, outdoor activities, etc) and getting ready to board a metal tube and be hurtled through space into the blast furnace of a distant desert, well...things have been a little busy and non-shooty at the Fallacy's of late.

And oh, that desert. Right. Where I will be sometime this Wednesday if all goes according to plan and the aforementioned metal tube doesn't fall out of the sky which, I am told, they are wont to do occasionally. I plan on spending the 4 hour flight in deep meditation, attempting to keep the plane in the air with the power of my mind, just in case. It couldn't hurt.

But, then Phoenix and the NRA convention! Yes! There will be MASSIVE amounts of gunblogging and photos and just you wait and see.


Bitter said...

104 degrees. That's what a local blogger posted for the predicted high on Friday and Monday. However, it appears we get a break on Saturday and Sunday with only 102 degrees. Oh, and not a cloud is expected to be in the sky - pure sun.

I bought a giant hat this weekend. I am buying light weight shrugs to keep my shoulders and arms covered. And Coppertone is about to see its stock in Southeast PA depleted.

the pistolero said...

I just cranked up the iPod and tried to sleep the last time I flew. Couldn't do it though, 'cause the view from 30,000 feet was quite captivating. The Toledo Bend Reservoir looks pretty cool from that altitude.

Weer'd Beard said...

Buy Booze, it'll make your give-a-fuck-o-meter needle stop twitching!

Shoothouse Barbie said...

I've brought my carry arm to Arizona before, and it's really not as harrowing as I thought it would be. The fact that you're an attractive, demure-looking female might earn you a surprised look, but you shouldn't be treated as hostile. My experience is that everyone is pretty chill, except when it comes to going through security. THose guys take their buisness verrrrrrrry seriously. One word of advice if you bring ammo: bring a seperate lock box for it. Apparently, storing it in your magazines is a total no-no and will lead to a supremem beaurocratic clusterfuck.

The most embarassing weapons/airport story in recent memory was that I forgot I had an extra knife in my laptop case, and I went through security with it. They found it and confiscated it. Luckily, it wasn't big enough for them to have to file papers and fine me, but it was embarrassing as all hell, and I lost a good knife :-(

I'm also a professional traveler, since my Disney on Ice years, when I packed my entire life into 2 suitcases and flew to a new city. every. single. week. A good double check of your bags is the key to keeping your nerves down about the little things. Can't help ya when it comes to the "stuck in the aluminum tube" bit (but some in-flight whiskey can really take the edge off). I suggest bringing as few things as possible with you in your carryon. Wear socks with your shoes because you'll have to take those off. If you can avoid wearing a belt, it will make your life easier. Put jewelry in your purse while you wait in line.

I way jealous. Judd, of my "Inbox" posts is going to Phoenix for shooty fun as well. Can't wait to hear stories.

Good luck!

Assrot said...

I don't do planes without Valium anymore.

Funny thing is I don't mind going up in one and jumping out. I just get the heebeejeebees when I have to ride a long way in them.

Is that insane? Of course I haven't jumped out of one since the mid 1970s either so maybe I'm not big on that anymore either.

Good luck. Have fun. Ask the doc for a few Valium to take on the flights there and back.

I sleep anytime I travel by air. If I'm going to hit the ground at 600+ MPH, I don't want to know about it.


ExurbanKevin said...

One thing to remember about the heat is that it really is a dry heat: You get hot, you sweat, feel better, versus the swelter of the southeast where sweating does you little good.

Stay hydrated and slather on the sunblock, and you'll be fine.

And the local forecast is in the 100's all week long. Nights, however, are *wonderful* right now, make you sure you have some time to spend outdoors in the evenings.

JR said...

You are going to have a great time in Phoenix. The heat is not going to be much of a problem as you will be in the exhibits floor most time during the day and they have that air conditioning thing figured out pretty well there.

Mad Saint Jack said...

Have a safe trip and don't forget to hunt down some Breda shotguns.

LabRat said...

Phoenix is not so bad. Could be because I grew up there, but what other folks are saying about the heat is right- the dryness makes a big, big difference. That said, once it gets above 100 it's usually a scurry from one indoor, air-conditioned place to another- but EVERYWHERE has air conditioning. Hell, it's where I learned to go about in pants even in the hottest weather- since sweating actually works, keeping the sun off is more important than keeping insulation down. Also since sweating works, keep that stay hydrated thing in mind; you won't notice how much water you're losing until you sit down to have a glass of water and find 64 oz isn't nearly enough... my liquids consumption invariably triples when I visit home.

Sky Harbor's a bit of a madhouse, though. What's your transportation plan?

Wai said...

"May your journey be free of incident." -Spock-

Mike W. said...

Good luck with the flight.

Are you staying in one of the gunblogger hotel/motel blocks?

JohnW said...

Heed ExurbanKevin. Loose, light clothing, sunblock, and hydrate, hydrate, HYDRATE! (You might want to get the SB before you leave, BYW. I've noticed that back East it can be gotten up in the SPF-80s but out here, where we NEED IT, anything over 60 is hard to come by...) Oh, and I'm looking forward to seeing you!

Anonymous said...

I think everything important has been covered, so I'll be content to say, have a good trip.


w/v: somegin. Don't mind if I do.

HollyB said...

Have a Wonderful time.
I think Xanax is much more effective than Valium or whiskey. JMHO.

word verification - stirsup. Yes, you do.

Joseph said...

Breda, you can write about anything. Your stuff is all good, no matter the subject.

Anonymous said...

You guys are funny. 104...big deal. That's great weather! Be glad they didn't do it in July. Have a wonderful time y'all!