Friday, May 29, 2009


Compared to some, I haven't been in the "gun culture" for very long - I first picked up a gun just about 3 years ago and started writing about my experiences around the same time. As I learned more firearms and the Second Amendment, along the way I also learned something about those who shared my interests...

They were the best kind of people - hardworking, friendly, intelligent, welcoming, passionate, funny, and generous to a fault. Every group of people has the bad apples of course, and that can't be avoided, but almost across the board I've found that gunnies are a fairly superior bunch of human beings.

Perhaps it's because the Second Amendment is such an important issue or because our community just naturally has a "small town" feel but this even extends to those who would be considered celebrities. I've been lucky enough to meet and talk to people like Cam Edwards of NRA News, and Rob Pincus*, founder of I.C.E. Training and star of a popular show on The Outdoor Channel - and found them to be just regular people, friendly, eager to share their knowledge and excited about helping to advance our rights.

Even Todd Jarrett, all-around shooting superstar with hands of steel**, was kind enough to put up with my idiotic fangirl grinning to speak to me about my blog and Gun Nuts radio when I introduced myself (yes, after much coaxing from my #gunblogger_conspiracy friends) on the NRA Annual Meeting exhibit floor.

He signed a picture for me and then took the time to lead me across the hall to introduce me to Kandi Blick of Team Safariland, who gave me her number and an offer of her help whenever I might need it.

I'll never cease to be amazed at the goodness of gun folk - or grateful for it.

*Did you listen to Caleb and I interviewing Rob live on this week's Gun Nuts? Learn how to download it here - fantastic guest, lots of information, not to be missed!!

** I'm convinced that shaking Todd Jarrett's hand is to shooting what kissing the Blarney Stone is to eloquence.


Warthog said...

You're going to gush about this for a while aren't you?

Some of us are going to enjoy pulling your chain over this.

Paladin said...

+1, on the particular quality of people of the gun. I agree with your reasoning, and also think it has something to do with the self confidence alot of gun folks seem to have.

Not necessarily the "get up in front of people and talk" kind of confidence, but the quiet "I can take care of myself" kind.

ZerCool said...

Absolutely agreed on the quality of people. I can't begin to count the number of people who have offered me the opportunity to try whatever wonder-blaster they have been working with at the range. Even as far as guys with .50BMGs letting me squeeze off a couple rounds - we're talking $5 per bang with that!

atlharp said...

People in the gun culture are very similar to the people I would run across when I worked at a cigar shop.
They are super cool, helpful people that are more than willing to help you out when you need it. I remember someone who referred to them as "the last of the men on the white horses."

Breda don't lose that number! LOL!

Sam said...

Kandi is good people. She used to be a Marine, then a professional model in Manhattan (ask her about situational awareness), then a professional ballroom dancer and instructor.

Safariland has got a representative with a fairly unique skillset, right there, before you even add in her firearms experience.

She was also my Rangemaster at my last two handgun courses.

Drake said...

Kandi was actually a hand model in NY. She was involved with ballroom dancing but was never an instructor. She was mostly involved in MLM, and lived with a very abusive wonder she's into guns....