Saturday, June 27, 2009


(I don't remember if I've already posted this video, but if I have, watch it again - it's good for you. It will make you smile, guaranteed.)

I hope everyone is having a lovely Saturday. We have sunshine and blue skies so I'm outside with Mike - the salsa garden is coming along nicely, as are the freckles. I'm sipping some lemonade at the moment, cooling off and tracking dirt through the house. But, hey, it's my house and my dirt so it's good.

Now back to work - those hot peppers won't plant themselves!


Toni said...

Loved it. I guess that there are still nice people out there. And, yes. I smiled.


Old NFO said...

Good video :-) Played flog, er... golf today so a nice walk spoiled by chasing the little white ball, but a good day!

Wai said...

Wow. A UCLA "teenage" squirrel. It's either:
a) high on pot and had no motivation to even try to jump that wall;
b) too lazy to try to jump that wall;
c) nearsighted or blind in one eye and can't gauge distances very well;
d) way too smart and waited for a bailout from those who think they should interfere in every aspect of everyone else's lives, to help it get over that wall.

Know what that squirrel would have been had those interefering humans allowed nature to run its natural course? Lunch.

Expect to see sloth squirrels in the near future if this one is allowed to pass on its genes. Heh.

ditto said...

They are still rodents that will bite you.

Ken said...

But a rat is a pig is a dog is a boy, so I'm sure some eeeeeevil corporations are simply suppressing what must be petabytes of video showing squirrels trying to help fallen humans, adult robins trying to feed human babies with eyedroppers, etc.

Matthew said...

Now that was just plain ol' pleasant to watch.

Anonymous said...

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