Wednesday, July 29, 2009

the 1919

Whoohoo! Shooting the big guns!
Semi-auto means no rat-tat-tat...

...and the trigger was so stiff and my finger so wimpy that I could really only get off one shot at a time - but it was still satisfying to know that I was ridding the world of one of those evil empty plastic bottles - that thing was D-E-D dead and wasn't going to hold poor, innocent water captive anymore, I tell ya.

The gentleman with the awesome fu-stache next to me in the video is my friend Heath, who puts on a terrifically fun shoot and was kind enough to join us on last night's Gun Nuts Radio.


Alan said...

LOVE the laugh.

Jon said...

I want one! Preferably in full sexy auto...

Stretch said...

Belt fed Browning goodness. Does it get any better?

Heath said...

It was all kinds of fun, and you and Mike are welcome out anytime.

If I end up keeping that boat anchor, I'll have to see if I can get one of those Gatling crack apparatuses from that guy down in Tejas.

Save you the trouble of fighting the #300 trigger from hell ;)

Anonymous said...

One of my fond memories is shooting a full auto, water-cooled Browning 1917 some years ago.
That was quite a gun.

I haven't managed to shoot a FA 1919, but did shoot a short belt from a full auto M2 once.
Left me grinning and giving thanks that John Moses Browning was an American.

Earl said...

Ah, one would think your conversion to the gun toting side is almost complete, wait until you fire a machine gun full auto - remember to let the trigger up after the mantra "Six to nine round burst". We will get to the grazing fire and FPF and proper use of a T&E mechanism later.

I do so enjoy the laughter of the free and the brave - you do so well.

Buckshot said...


That nice M1919A4 is only a MEDIUM Machine Gun (MMG), not a "big gun" or Heavy Macine Gun (HMG).

For that, you have to get into Mama Browning, the Ma Deuce, the M2-HB in .50 BMG!

Thing of an M1919A4 after it grows up, looks about the same, but BIGGER and has two handles instead of one pistol grip and has a short seciton of pierced barrel jacket then just a honking big barrel past that point!


Glad you enjoyed your experience!

Keep up the expansion and exploration, and keep telling us about it.


Christina LMT said...

You gotta keep those water bottles in their place, show 'em who's boss!

Good job.

Bruce said...

Somewhere in America, Ted Kennedy is changing his Depends.