Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Gun Nuts & Camp Perry

(Mike practicing for Camp Perry!)
The NRA National Outdoor Rifle & Pistol Championships at Camp Perry, considered the World Series of shooting sports, are an exciting and accessible event here in Ohio - and wow, do we have some terrific guests lined up to talk about their experiences there. Tune in to blogtalkradio.com/gunnuts tonight at 9 PM EST to listen to us live!

I'll be hosting via webcam this evening and Caleb will be upping the ante - for every new caller, he's promised to donate $5 to the NRA-ILA to help defend our right to keep and bear arms. So get your questions and comments ready - we want to hear from you!


B_Lahey said...

Be sure to ask your guests about their experiences in the POW shacks (especially in the days before people started bringing wee AC units). Heatstroke added a whole new level to the competition.

I miss the smell of leather and Eley Tenex...

Kris said...

That's awesome that Mike is shooting at Camp Perry...but I don't think his rifle rest will be welcome on the line :o)

TheAxe said...

After listening to the show I really really want to get to the range tomorrow :)Definitely taking my M1 carbine.

Anonymous said...

I also wanted to ask why Mike was using a rifle rest in that pic if he's getting ready for Perry.

The only thing I can think is that he's sighting in a rifle that hasn't been sighted in before. Still, it would be better if he sighted it in from prone, with his shooting jacket on and all slung up in the sling.

Or is there some reason I'm not getting?