Wednesday, July 1, 2009

500% better!

Gun Nuts Radio is celebrating its one year anniversary!

Thanks to everyone who has set aside an hour on Tuesday nights for our show. It's been a honor to be able to learn and grow alongside my friend Caleb and our entire listening audience.

We've come a long way but naturally we still want more - & the future of Gun Nuts depends on you. Spread the word about the fastest growing gun podcast on the 'net!

(by the way...the latest show is available for download now, in case you missed it.)


Alan said...

A whole year of gun nutty goodness. And Caleb. Congratulations!

James said...

I have tried to download and listen to your show, however the mp3 format doesn't work on my Sony player. When I try to copy it, I get a message that it must be converted to play. Since I download many other podcasts, including Gun Talk, USCC's new one, Gun Rights Network podcasts and now Cam and Company and they all work, it seems that the problem is just your show.
I would happily listen to your show if it was possible, even though I have less than no use for Caleb, but for now it is not.

Warthog said...

I listened to the podcast, you 2 were great. Thanks for the show.