Saturday, August 29, 2009

Carry because...

...dialing 911 will not save you.

Thank you, JayG, for the reminder

There are no guarantees for our safety, not in any time nor any place, but we can certainly guarantee a fight if someone tries to harm us.

Just remember to always carry the best tool for the job - it's a lighter burden than regret.


Jay G said...

Thanks for the link, Breda.

I felt like I had to link that story - it just broke my heart to read that.

And that's why there's been a .45 on my hip all day long, too...

Argie said...

I came to the same conclusion a couple of years ago. I work in some of the finer 'hoods of my town. I would watch the news at night and suddenly realized that the shootings and assults always seemed to be within a block or so of where I had been that day. I decided to care for myself with a CCW permit and lots of practice. My wife, at first, didn't agree. One day when I got home, she aske if I was carring? See had just seen the news showing where a person had been found shot to death and stuffed in a garbage can. When she heard the address, she realized it was the house next to the one I was inspecting. She was an instant convert. (I didn't have the heart to tell her that for the past 6 months almost all similar crimes occured very near where I had been working.)

Is that a Bersa in the photo? If so, where did you get the grips? Mine are Walnut from Marschal Grips (without the Bersa Logo).

Thanks for the post.

Breda said...

My grips are from Marschal too - they are purple heartwood

mikeb302000 said...

Yes, indeed that's a horrible story, one which could make anyone what to own a gun for protection. But, as people often point out about my posts, it's anecdotal. What needs to be considered is the whole picture of gun violence including suicides and accidents. The relationship between law-abiding gun owners and the criminals who seem to continually find ways to arm themsemlves needs to be considered. The growing number of uneducated (in gun management) and sloppy gun owners like those guys who point rifles at other people in the gun store, needs to be thrown into the mix.

What you end up with is that guns do more harm than good.

Breda said...

Mikeb302000 - You make such a crappy argument that I don't even know how to respond.

For instance: "The relationship between law-abiding gun owners and the criminals who seem to continually find ways to arm themsemlves needs to be considered"

What relationship?

And as for your points about suicides/accidents? Where are you getting your data, the Brady campaign?

And the "uneducated in gun management"? What on earth are you talking about? You just make that one up yourself?

Seems you're spoiling for a fight (& you're not even really good at it). Go troll somewhere else. Comment again and you'll get deleted, because we're not going to play your silly game.

Greyhawk said...

I teared up over the case of Denise Amber Lee and giggled over your response to mikeb302000.

Give'em hell, Breda!

JKB said...

The anti-gun mayor of Milwaukee provides the quote of the day for why you should carry when speaking about his recent beating while trying to call 911.

"I think it's fair to say things got very, very ugly, very, very quickly," Barrett said.

BobG said...

Nice bitch-slap you gave to that troll, Breda. He comes around to quite a few gunnie blogs spewing the same BS with no facts.

**Thumbs up**

Lorimor said...

Every year in the US, there over 2x as many alcohol related deaths as there are firearms related deaths.

But no one seems to be getting their panties in a twist over that little tidbit, are they?

Public safety concerns my ass!

mikeb302000 said...

Breda, To answer your questions, the relationship between gun owners and criminals is the one that accounts for the fact that generally criminal guns start out legally sold by a licensed dealer. Somewhere along the line they end up in the wrong hands, which means there must have been one specific transfer from a good guy to a bad guy. Also you've got the stolen guns, some of which are the result of improper precautions on the part of the lawful owner.

That's the relationship.

Suicide and accident stats are available from many reputable sources. I say a self-inflicted bullet to the brain counts on the scorecard of gun violence.

My expression "the uneducated in gun management" refers to those people who buy guns and don't even know the 4 Rules of gun safety. I admit I did make that up, but I thought it would be easily understood. These guys, according to a discussion on Tam's blog recently, or maybe it was Roberta's, are quite commonplace in the gun shop.

One other thing which I didn't mention in the comment is the question of DGUs vs. gun violence. I find this a very fascinating discussion and one at the very heart of determining whether guns do more good than harm.

I can tell you honestly I'm not spoiling for a fight or trolling or playing games.

Breda said...

Mike - there is no such thing as a "criminal gun." Only a person can be a criminal, not an object. In the same vein, criminals are always the cause of stolen guns. Blaming anyone for the theft of their own personal property is like blaming a woman for her own sexual assault.

Debating someone who, like you, cannot or will not understand these simple points, is very much a waste of my time. This is the last response you'll ever get from me.

Mike W. said...

Breda - Some folks just do not believe in personal responsibility and nothing we can say or do will ever get through to them.

mikeb302000 said...

In response to Breda's comment, I'd like to point out that everyone, even someone like me knows there's no such thing as a "criminal gun." The pro-gun insistence on picking up on this theme of the inanimate object at every opportunity is an attemp to paint the gun control person as someone so silly that they attribute powers to inanimate objects.

My use of the two-word phrase, "criminal guns" was used in an attempt to communicate a much more important point about gun flow from the legitimate world of gun owners to the criminal world of gun owners.

I don't think anyone who read my comment thinks I really meant a gun can be criminal. It was clear from the context of the sentence that I meant a "gun in the hands of a criminal person."

The other business about stolen guns being only the responsibility of a thief and never that of the victim/owner, I don't believe. There are some cases where insufficient care is taken by the owner to prevent theft.

Mike W. said...

So in other words you'll gladly blame the victim because a criminal broke into his/her home and stole his property.

As Breda said,

Blaming anyone for the theft of their own personal property is like blaming a woman for her own sexual assault.

I'm with Breda. I find blaming the victim downright despicable.

Alan said...

Theft is ALWAYS the fault of the criminal.

To blame the victim of a crime is reprehensible.