Monday, September 28, 2009

book, marked

I once found a lifetime's worth of four-leaf clovers pressed between the pages of a donated book, but I have yet to see anything quite like this.


dubber308 said...

I once found a ten dollar bill in a book bought from a yard sale, but I never found food (OK, a few cookie or sammich crumbs)in a book.

Weer'd Beard said...

When digging through open lockers on the last day of school looking for useful finds I found a band book that somebody (who's name was written on the inside cover) had forgotten to return. Decided to be a nice guy and collect it to return to the band room. A pressed pot leaf fell out of it!

I took it to some teachers and asked what I should do. None of them wanted anything to do with it so I dumped it right in the middle of the hall to show my disgust.

Pretty funny!

Anonymous said...

Look at that, a set of circumstances wherein I am sad to see bacon. I didn't think it was possible.


Phil said...

The real question is: If you were the person to find it, would you eat it?