Monday, September 28, 2009

Hypocrisy: A True Story

(what, no free tickets?)
The after-party for the premiere of Michael Moore's new film was, of course, a very modest affair... apparently guests had to make do with domestic champagne and there were only three swimsuit models in the hot tub instead of the standard five.


Lorimor said...

I notice that lard butt doesn't mind making a buck or two in the midst of our capitalist system.

He could make movies in Cuba, couldn't he?

ajdshootist said...

But if fat boy got in the hot tub there would not have been room for any more than three girls!

Weer'd Beard said...

I'm amazed you can find anybody who actually buys the tripe that he sells.

FYI I watched F911 a few years ago off a Hong-Kong bootleg DVD. I'm sure Mike Won't mind!

Fat lying asshole!

HankH said...

What a turd - I'll never watch anything he is a part of.


Anonymous said...

I'd refer to Spottswoode's reaction to seeing he come lumbering into the room in "Team America: World Police".


drjim said...

The *only* thing he's been associated with that I enjoyed was Larry Elder's "Michael and Me", where he blindsided old lard-o, and used some of Moore's own tactics on him. Moore was suitably outraged, of course.

Jay G said...

I'm surprised he didn't offer to host it at his production company facility in Vancouver, BC.

Where he moved it to avoid paying US taxes...

B Smith said...

Well, on a certain level, you gotta hand it to the guy...he IS one hell of a capitalist. I mean, who's shelling out the bucks to see his crap? He's living high on the backs of the anti-America, hippie-green pond scum crowd !!!
Sure, the material's reprehensible, shoddy and hypocritical. Sure the media's giving him all the free publicity he can suck up (and a guy his size can suck up a lot, yuk yuk yuk.) But hey, the people he's sticking it to aren't the actual working-class joes-n-janes who make this country run, amiright? Who but a clueless hippie would actually PAY MONEY for that crap?

Problem is, now he has grade schools showing his excremental filth to impressionable kids.

Assrot said...

You know there are very few people I truly hate in this world but the "Fat, Stupid White Man" is number 2 on the list. Osama Bin Laden is number 1.

Mr. Michael "Lardass" Moore is worth somewhere in the neighborhood of 50 million. I'd say Capitalism had a lot to do with him making that amount of money.

Maybe he should think about "Don't bite the hand that feeds you."

He is without a doubt the biggest piece of shit in the USA. I bet crack whores have a better moral compass than he does.