Thursday, September 3, 2009

my nemesis

(I apologize, but I need to vent.)

Jesse the pervert hobo is back.

He's still looking at porn at the public computers but now he locks himself in the men's room at closing time, to do what the horny homeless do. He even left a sizable biological sample the other night. It was discovered by the 16-year old page, whose job it is to check the restrooms at closing to make sure that they are empty and the faucets are turned off. She's still upset about it, and rightly so.

No one else seems to be willing to deal with him. My manager shrugs it off, saying, "Oh, well. That's just what he does. We can't really stop him." and the library director basically ignores the problem. Must be nice up there on that ivory tower. (Oh, wait, I'll give credit where credit is due. She did once suggest he buckle up his pants.) The rest of the librarians give him warning upon warning. Patrons complain.

And yet, he comes back every single day because he is a piece of human filth - probably crazy, perhaps dangerous, definitely degenerate. He drags his garbage bag into the library, steals paper from the printer, sits for hours looking at porn while sitting next to minors, and then diddles himself in the restroom. He has no regard for anyone else, no shame. I don't not want to hear about the plight of the poor downtrodden homeless - the man clearly isn't suffering.

So, yesterday, by the time he arrived for his nightly fix, I was tired. I was cranky. I had answered what felt like a thousand reference questions, I had wrangled with malfunctioning computers, I had listened to hours of crying children, I had hunted for missing books...I was at the tail end of a very long day. In other words, I was ready.

He tries to shield his monitor with a newspaper, and is quick to click out of porn when he sees me coming. He thinks he's so sneaky but unfortunately for him, I'm smart. I came up behind him and then got right in his face. I stood over him, deathstared him the best I could and, in a very low menacing voice, said

"Either you leave now or I call the cops."

He feigned innocence.

"We've had complaints. Leave or I call the police. Choose."

He left.

(But there will be no warnings next time.)

And yes, I always carry a protective tool (or three) because the homeless are not exactly harmless.


Caleb said...

If you don't force Alan to let you talk about that on VC, I will be sorely disappointed.

Mad Saint Jack said...

If only you had a Cold Steel Rattan Cane to carry in non-permissive environments....oh wait.

Boat Guy said...

Good on ya Breda! Very glad to hear you're being prudent.
Do you have a voice recorder? Might be good CYA in case you get hassled by the apologists.
Keep up the good work!

Tam said...

Obligatory Mother-Henning: Keep outta arm's reach and have something heavy to hand in case he goes all EDP on you, just like you would if you were chastising the neighbor's rottie for piddling in the flowers.

Srsly, though, I think if it's gotten to the point that he's leaving resinous secretions in public spaces, he's ready for an encounter with the po-po. I'd call the heat on sight next time he popped over the horizon.

Caleb said...

From Ahab's house of improvise weapons which by the way really should be a store, you will find legit hickory walking canes. Good for your friendly neighborhood amputee to help her "get around" and by "get around" I mean "beat some ass."

Mike W. said...

What the hell do they mean they can't do anything about him?!

He's leaving his manjuice in a public library for godsakes.


Mad Saint Jack said...

"Keep outta arm's reach and have something heavy to hand."

I was trying to hint at the fact that I already gave Breda a Cold Steel cane due to her older post on not being allowed to carry at work.

Here is a Mike Janich DVD on how to use it.

Alan said...

We really do need to work on that real life kickban thing. Some people just need it.

Caleb said...

I'm pretty sure that a real life kickban would entail having the Five-Oh cart you off to the pokey.

Robb Allen said...

If he is leaving a sprinkling of hobo-relish in the bathroom, that's considered hazmat and a biological danger.

That alone should be enough to remind your management that he's a danger to the patrons. It sounds like your bosses are Grade A Sheep, afraid of confrontation. If you could let a few parents know they (your uppers) allow hobospunk in the bathrooms and THEY come in to complain, I bet THAT confrontation would override their fear of offending a bum.

Word Verification - outhring, as you should through the bum out the ring and into the street.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

They don't 'ALLOW' hobospunk, Robb, they encourage it. Might want to tell the parents that that is your management's policy.

BobG said...

I think Robb has the best idea; if the local patrons start complaining, it would probably get more notice, especially if some of them demand to speak to whoever is in charge.

Crucis said...

You could always invite him to visit your director. (Quietly, of course,)

If he leaves a "deposit", I'll bet your director has a change of heart, if not a heart attack.

Lorimor said...

Call the cops. Get a paper trail started at the very least.

fast richard said...

In a more civilized world he would be institutionalized. In a less civilized world you could accept volunteers to help you dispose of the problem.

As it is, you should take the advice to start a paper trail with the police, and keep that cane handy.

Roadkill said...

I used to volunteer at a library. My main daily responsibility was cleaning the internet stations. Rubbing alcohol on the mice, keyboards, and screens. It was my job to make sure the freaks didn't have any leavings... Too bad there's no form of hobo repellent that the fucking libbies will allow you do use.

Anonymous said...

This is exactly why we need to get Ohio CCW laws changed, so people are not disarmed in "government buildings". Bad guys are not going to obey the laws anyway. Support HB 129 and 203 to get some common sense changes made in Ohio CCW laws.

For now, make sure you carry a tactical flashlight and OC spray. Mike Janich does a traing on striking with a tactical flashlight that are pretty good.

Tremaine said...

Nicely done Breda. I wish more people would take a stand over that nonsense. If anything, the next time he come's in, you could probably get him with an indecent exposure charge.

You have my sympathy. My wife is a librarian and she has to deal with that stuff too. Her boss also takes the same cavalier attitude yours do.

Anonymous said...

I keep waiting for pwndbroker to show up and tell Breda that she should have let Mike deal with the hobo because she's a girl.

Anonymous said...

Try an "anonymous" call to your local TV stations On Your Side reporter explaining how it's the children you're concerned about. Mention that complaints have been made to the staff by parents, and they seem to have their hands tied by upper management. The one thing the director obviously wants to avoid is publicity concerning his department. As long as everything stays civil servant smooth, he's happy. Having to answer why this has been going on should rock his boat. Use the MSM for some good. Granted it's not something their used to, but it might work, and you'll get some security there.

Anonymous said...

Proof read, proof read, proof read -

their should be they're

and sent to a librarian no less

Blackwater said...

Letting a sick low life like that near children is extremely irresponsible. He's probably extremely dangerous as well. I'd call the police immediately.

Marja said...

My first grown up -job was collecting the fares, and cleaning, the local open air market's bathrooms for a couple of months. The most common customers were the local hobos. Sometimes they would change some of their clothes there, and leave the old ones in the trash. Have to say, real dirty - been used for god knows how many weeks or months -shirts and trousers, and underwear, really do stink. And when they didn't have money to pay the fare, they would try to whine for me to let them in free. Which I usually didn't do. One guy once spit at me when I didn't, and would have hit me in the eye. Fortunately I do wear glasses.

After that experience I haven't been overly eager to look for any kind of customer service jobs.

Old NFO said...

Good on ya! I'd also make a pre-emptive call to the local LEOs and give them a heads up on the situation.

John B said...

I used to have to throw him, or his spiritual brother out of a tavern four days out of five. Until I got old, and clumsy. It seemed I would inadvertently "Clothesline" these guys. The secret is to sound genuinely remorseful, as you're apologizing for knocking them off their feet.

My classmate would scream, mace them, and collapse crying against the chest of the responding police.

I have total faith in Breda's ability to handle any situation.

Myself, I just say "Okay Aqualung! You were told! Now you're 86'ed!"

Bryan said...

OK, I get it! I'll stay out of the library!


mike's spot said...

This guy sounds like a walking time bomb. I get the feeling its only a matter of time before he does something that endangers either staff or responsible library patrons, and then your boss will be crying about how the problem wasn't expressed properly to him/her.

Be careful. Get the police involved if you feel it will help.

Jason Cato said...

Let's hope he doesn't ever feel like stepping up his sexual proclivities to include sexual assault.
It is a reflection of a sad world that values the feelings of the scumbag over the librarian.

Smokey Behr said...

I don't know what your library's policies are regarding activities like this, but our code of conduct is here: and our computer use policy is here:

We have filtering hardware on the entire connection for the consortium, and it blocks everything that's "adult" content or "porn", but it can be unblocked by a staff member.

We have a similar problem with a patron, but he was making himself happy right in the computer lab, with everyone around him. The staff kicked him out for the day, but I expect he'll be back doing the same thing another day.

PA State Cop said...

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