Monday, November 16, 2009

two heads are better than one

Happy MOO(moo)nday.

BlogoradoVille has a great, funky little museum, full of Old West Americana and fascinating ephemera - and a surplus of two headed critters. I drank bottled water, just to be sure.


New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

"Oh my God! It's grotesque! Oh, and there's something in a jar. Do not fear me. Ours is a peaceful race and we must live in harmony. "

Michael W. said...

Hey Breda!

Now that you've seen a two headed calf, all you need to see is a Georgia goat roping and then you would be as worldly as your average cracker. (like me) -grin-

Wai said...

Well, isn't Colorado where they keep a lot of the nuclear warhead silos? And the home of NORAD? There's definitely something in the water. Next time you go, bring your potassium iodide.

Vaarok said...

I had a mutant like that born on the farm about five years ago. The heads overlapped much more, such that it appeared in the dark to be almost normal. It was only when feeding it, and realizing WHY the bottle nipple wouldn't stay centered in its mouth that I realized it had a ridge down the center of its palate and three nostrils.

Scared the hell out of me.