Saturday, December 26, 2009

ew. no.

They're calling fried chicken skin the "new bacon."

Bah. No comparison. You can't candy chicken skin. (Well, you could, I suppose...but why?)


Alan said...

No No No No No

Oh hell no.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Yeah, they are kidding themselves there. Incredibly self-delusional, actually. Probably Obama voters. Or the MSM. But I repeat myself.

DixieLaurel said...

OMG, fried chicken skin is soooo much better than bacon!

Anonymous said...

Now look, the skin is the best part of KFC (which for me is about once a year at most) but suggesting that chicken is somehow better than bacon is patently hopeless.


Old NFO said...

Um... NO!!!!

Weer'd Beard said...

Not seeing it. I do love me some crispy skin, but has anybody tried to eat any quantity of it?

Thanksgiving there was a nice chunk of it on the platter after all the meat had been bagged up. I started crunching on it, and it got REAL OLD REAL FAST!

That never happens with bacon.

Rob K said...

I don't know what's wrong with you people. Crispy chicken skin defines delicious. Fried chicken skin is *good* but broiled or roasted chicken skin is ambrosia.

West, By God said...

Crispy chicken skin is good, but it doesn't hold a candle to crispy bacon.

However just because some skin isn't on par with bacon doesn't mean that there aren't types of crispy animal skin that come close. Crispy pig skin for instance. Mmmmm.

And when we do our lamb-on-a-spit in the spring, the "skin" is the best part. Of course, it isn't really the lamb's skin, but rather the crispy layer that develops on the outside of a lamb that has been continually basted with lemon juice and herbed olive oil while slowly roasting over coals for many hours.

Mike W. said...

Uh no! for the love of god NO!

Just look at that picture. NOT appetizing.

Buckshot said...

Chicket Hair?

What an effing idiot! Can't tell hair from a pin feather?

Citing some chef in LA out in the land of fruits and nuts as a source for chicken skin replacing bacon?

Evidently they ran out of food to talk about so they talk about chicken skin? What maroons!


Did it MY way said...

Bacon and eggs in a cast iron skillet for breakfast.

Country fried chicken from the same pan for dinner.

Both make my mouth water.Both for different reasons.

See Ya

Tennessee Budd said...

They're doing it wrong.
I cut the skin into strips, bread it, & deep-fry it in lard, just the way I did the rest of the damned chicken.

Buckshot said...

I will beleive that chicken skin has made it as a food when I see a "fried chicken skin" factory like the "fried pork rind" factory we have nearby.

Rudolph Foods, Westminster, OH makes tons of pork rinds per day, and the way they puff up, that is a LOT of pork rinds!