Monday, December 28, 2009

testing, testing

Along with the Christmas Day Underpants Bomber, there was another Nigerian man flying into Detroit from Amsterdam on Northwest Airlines. The flight number was the same but the incidence occurred two days later. He caused a disturbance by spending at least an hour in the restroom, claiming illness, and refusing to take his seat when the plan began its decent. The man was detained and questioned upon landing, and was still in custody as of yesterday.

But President Obama has been alerted and Janet Napolitano says our counterterrorism system works perfectly so no need to worry. Carry on.


Tam said...

"The economy is fundamentally sound"

"Read my lips: No new taxes"

"I did not have sex with that woman."

"The system worked"

How can you tell a politician is lying...?

Jay G said...

Boy, it's sure a good thing that idiot Bushchimphitler's out of office. I mean, they hated us when he was in power, but now they love us because of Captain HopenChangey Unicorn, right?

Mike W. said...

Hmm, a young Nigerian man flying one-way from Amsterdam to Detroit and no one thought that was a bit suspicious?

A security theater indeed.