Saturday, January 30, 2010

dodging a bullet

Ever since the National Enquirer broke the baby momma story, there has been some really scary stuff* coming out about John Edwards. You'll recall he was John Kerry's running mate and a strong contender for the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination.

This man was celebrated by Democrats, swooned over by liberal women, and could have been just one heartbeat away from the presidency.

To make matters worse, his sociopathic behavior was covered up by personal aides and excused by a fawning media.

And to think...these are the same people who were so worried about Sarah Palin.

*& that's not the half of it. Really. Here's more!


Mad Saint Jack said...

I've been thinking the same thing for the past week.

I'd wager that most of the people who hate Palin; voted for Edwards to be VP.

gunnypink said...

What a sad commentary on what our culture/society is becoming. Funny, I remember, many years ago, a very good friend of mine (prolly 35 years older than me) made the comment that the day she saw ladies sanitary pads/tampons advertised on TV, would be the day she would throw all her TVs out the door. Unfortunately she didn't live that long. In order to get a society completely married to government, you must first eradicate any semblance of God. You can spell that morality.

Bob said...

At this point I have to guess that Edwards is receiving offers from the Jerry Springer show. Could you imagine that episode?

I read a recent article in the Wilmington, NC, newspaper; Edwards has a vacation home down there on Figure Eight Island, a gated island down there, and has been hitting on barmaids in the local bars. This was reported just before the Haiti earthquake.

And remember, the MSM couldn't be bothered to reveal the Edwards story, they thought it was his own business and not that of the American people.

Old NFO said...

Once again the 'selective' media has covered a dems butt... sigh... Of course if he'd made VP, just think of the stories! He'd have made Billy Boy look like an amateur!

Anonymous said...

Per Ace, the Edwards sex tape is "all about John" can't see enough of the woman to recognize her. And the bit about Andrew Young having been fixed was priceless...Edwards couldn't even lie well. if tampon ads were all we had to worry about! I read today about a Jr. High school where they banned the (newer, complete) version of Anne Frank's diary because she made some fairly innocent comments about her private parts. Compare that to what you get on almost any prime time sitcom.