Monday, February 15, 2010

mea culpa

Rajah, I'm so sorry but I really couldn't resist the little elf boots.

You are the cutest and most patient kitty ever so tell your momma to give you extra treats and bellyrubs today (and I'll try to stop giggling, I promise.)


Mike W. said...

Wait, he's named Rajah like the tiger in Aladdin?

That's definitely one of the best kitty names ever!

Lissa said...

Breda, he says that I'm not forgiven, but YOU are! We all thank you for the laughs!

And Mike W., that's exactly what he's named after :)

Eric said...

I dated a girl who had a cat named Bagheera, after the panther in The Jungle Book. That cat was quite the squirrel huntress!

NYEMT said...

I never met a cat that wasn't better for a bit of indignity.

Nice outfit. :)

Old NFO said...

From the look in the last picture, I'd be treading lightly around that cat for a while... :-)

Anonymous said...

Someone is going to either get a dead mouse in the bathtub or a hairball in bed.

Just you wait. :)


dr mac said...

The last picture of the cat's eyes tell the whole story, "The things I do for free food".