Friday, March 19, 2010

but, but... can this be?

(Drunk people come into the library fairly frequently, actually.)

Just the other day, a man leaned over my desk and I was surprised his breath didn't look more like engine exhaust.

He wanted to come around to my side of the desk. He wanted a book on Thoreau. He wanted me to tell him about transcendentalism. He wanted to chat in the 800s. He wanted me to laugh at his jokes.

It was late. I had my hand on my knife. I just wanted to go home.


Jay G said...

Despite having the "toughest gun laws in America" and being ranked the third highest from Brady, this still happened in MA.

Here's my shocked face.

On a side note, a freakin' Colt Mustang? Any idea how FREAKING RARE those are??? DAMN!

Robert Langham said...

You can't pepper spray these folks and then play innocent?

B Smith said...

Heh. Rare, indeed...apparently the story writer figured '.380' was equal to '.38 caliber', too. At least they got it sort of right, I guess...

WV: meads. I'm sure there's a book in your library the drunks might be interested in.

Kristopher said...

If all CCW is illegal ( as it effectively is in MA ), then, if you are going to carry, there is little incentive to avoid doing stupid crap like carrying while intoxicated.

Kristopher said...

Oh, and my wife owns one ... they aren't all that rare. Just discontinued.

$550 to $1000, depending on condition.

Ed Rasimus said...

I remember still being on the Board of Trustees at Pikes Peak Library Dist. The newly elected sheriff had begun issuing concealed carry permits and one of the other board members proposed that we have signs posted that guns were not permitted in the library. She wondered if lacking those signs there might even have already been some people that had done so.

I leaned over to her and told her to have no doubt that someone had already done so...wink, wink, nudge, nudge. In fact probably that very day.

A couple of months later we had an evening board meeting at one of the branches in a more "active" part of town. When the meeting adjourned, she came up and asked me if I would mind walking her to her car...wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

Apparently even liberals appreciate the value of CCW when their safety is involved.

DirtCrashr said...

Not all CCW in MA is illegal. I have a friend with a permit who carries a P220 everywhere - but he's a CEO and friends with ALL the cops in his town, and his uncle was a factory paid top-shooter for S&W.

Kristopher said...

Dirtcrasher: Connected people always get a pass on CCW, even in Chicago and NJ. They don't count.