Thursday, March 11, 2010

go raibh maith agat

Want to learn Irish?

There's an app for that. (& it's free until St. Patrick's Day!)


New Jovian Thunderbolt said...


Anonymous said...

They've got a free one for use on the computer, too - I've been using it for Finnish and to keep my French up to par. That one's free year-round :-) Lots of user-created lists to add, too - and the ones for Irish are pretty handy. :-D

doubletrouble said...

Failte romhat, a Breda...

Anonymous said...

I spent a while with my Grandfathers Cousin and All my irish Relatives by his marriage. Right in the middle of the Mayo gealtacht.

I picked it up reasonably well, enough to order a pint. But I lost it as fast as I learned it.

It is a beautiful tongue to be heard through.

Casey said...

Awesome! Started downloading it before I even got to the comments section :)

Now, if only I could find a free app for Scots Gaelic.

Does the fact that there are only free apps on my iPhone betray my Scots heritage, or is it just the kilt? :)