Friday, March 12, 2010

a penny

For your thoughts. (an alien world in your pocket - zoom in!)

Between home, work, an every other day crack 'n' zap at the chiropractors, wrangling with insurance, calling attorneys, and alternately trying to stave off both a deep blue funk and a blinding rage, I'm not in a very bloggy mood. (although I have a pretty good post lined up for Monday)

But it's not all bad news - I saw crocuses this week and was blessed with bacon on a what's new with you?


Christina LMT said...

Had a fantastic workout this morning, and there are purple wild flowers blooming everywhere. :)

Eric said...

Raining to beat the band here in Central Florida (3.5" yesterday).

Seen any daffodils?

Breda said...

Hooray for spring flowers & nope, no daffodils yet!

Mike W. said...

Had bacon yesterday - On a turkey sandwich with cheddar infused bread and chipotle mayo. Mmmm!

Sick of rain, itching to go shooting & get two of my sisters to the range when it gets warm.

Oh, and I saw that Feckin' Irish Whiskey at the liquor store. Will have to pick up a bottle after work in honor of my grandma.

Robert Langham said...

New 511 boots came in. Cams all running. White trees going off. Spring.

Old Grouch said...

Near-record temperatures earlier this week have left me with an early case of spring fever. Maybe a Yard Work Weekend?

Breda said...

Mike W. - try it with ice.

Robert - I'm enjoying the cams!

Old Grouch - Maybe I'll get out and rake some too.

falnfenix said...

i KNOW you're a cat lover.

so, go look at these they'll help the mood.

she's posting group 5 sometime today, too.

falnfenix said...

wow, how'd i miss the period between these and they'll?

crashonhead said...

Sorry your Friday isn't turning out too great. No one should have that fate visited upon their person.

On the other hand, here is some payback for that teddy bear video you posted a few days back:


Have a much better weekend!

Mike W. said...

Mike W. - try it with ice.

Oh, on the rocks for sure.

Breda said...

falnfenix - oh my goodness. Thanks!

crashonhead - Oh no! (& thanks a LOT :P )

Jay G said...

Understand the funk, Breda. Do something fun this weekend, willya?


falnfenix said...

i aim to please. :)

i'm dying for group 5, though!

Earl said...

It is well with my soul, I just finished reading the latest post from The Sandbox, worthy of everyone's time.

Name: Old Blue
Posting date: 3/12/10
Returned to: Afghanistan
Milblog: Afghan Quest

Old NFO said...

Still travelling... now up to NINE days at home since 4 Jan... :-)

Skip said...

Hon, kick back, sip some good whiskey [Knob Creek?] , a few percodan, practice your draw from the sofa position, pet the pets, let Mike know he is the nurse.
You know you will be his 'nurse' next time he is in da box.

Anonymous said...

Bacon on a Friday in Lent! What would your ancestors say?