Friday, May 7, 2010

for your listening pleasure

Ever since he heard me on Gun Nuts and Vicious Circle, my friend Gene has been trying to get me to call into the radio show that he co-hosts. The Charles Campbell Show broadcasts from Columbia, S.C. each Saturday at 10AM (till noon) online and on WOIC 1230AM. From what I've heard, it's a great show about a little bit of everything, brought to you by two interesting and engaging personalities.

Well, I finally worked up enough gumption and made my debut...(I show up about an hour into the clip)

They liked me (!) and asked me if I could be a regular (!!). Stay tuned.


Ahab said...

Good luck! Glad to hear you back on the air!

Ponyexpress said...

Good job Breda. You should be proud of the interview you did.

Scott McCray said...

Well done! Excellent interview.

Pop N Fresh said...

And so it begins again!

Texas Ghostrider said...

Good interview, Maybe you will be getting your own radio show soon!