Thursday, June 24, 2010

headline of the day

Naked Man Arrested At Library With Stolen Cheese

Not my library. Although, I still have a half hour 'til lunch (mmm, cheese) ... so there's always a chance of naked hobo shenanigans.


PPPP said...

Frankly, what is most irritating is that while he a) was trespassing, b) probably did steal the cheese and c) did have knives, which are probably banned in the library [if it's anything like ours], is that the headline focused on the fact that he was naked. Duh! In the bathroom. Where he was taking the equivalent of a sponge bath. That is a far cry from the public nudity that comes to mind when you read "naked man arrested ....".

Sensationalist jerk reporters.

It's like the one the other day where a carpenter stepped backwards through a hole: "Man Dies At American Choppers Bike Shop". Sad, yes, but the implication in the title is that it was one of the stars. Who are human too, but they attempted to capitalize on the "fame" to make it seem really, really bad instead of just so-so bad.

JohnMXL said...

"Throw the horse over the fence some hay".

"Kettle for sale by lady with copper bottom".

"Naked Man Arrested At Library With Stolen Cheese"

Yoda the Grammarian?

Breda said...

Actually, PPPP, the restrooms in a public library are as "public" as the rest of the library. Anyone can use them at any time, including children. Sure, it's a room inside a public building but as far as access? Might as well be on the street corner.

Lawyer said...

You really can't make this stuff up. These are the people that end up in my office saying they have no idea why they were arrested.

Anonymous said...

Librarians don't get paid enough to put up with crap like that.

Once we get back to publicly horse-whipping miscreants like that, then it stops. Til then, hot and cold running crazy people.


Anonymous said...

So he steals the cheese and gets charged with, among other things, receiving stolen property? I guess Obama's jobs creation scheme is working, after all.

stay safe.

wv = stedli: I'm stedli becoming surer it's getting worse.

fast richard said...

Public horse-whipping may be tempting, but I think a residential mental health facility might be more effective. Libraries should not be daycare centers for the mentally ill.

PPPP said...

Oh, I'm not excusing him one bit. Sorry if it came out that way. Throw the book at him. He was forbidden to be there, probably for similar behavior in the past. The stolen cheese is just additional charges.

But the knives? He should be able to carry them just like Breda should be able to carry hers. Emphasis on "should". They're just tools.

What I was mostly PO'd about was the sensationalist reporting of an otherwise normal boring crime. It's not really much more exciting than a jaywalker getting arrested.

Anonymous said...

Needs and services for American cities have changed over the years. Obviously it will be necessary to change the infrastructure to meet the need. I propose having an insane asylum and library exist in the same facility. Securely separate, but in the same building.

That way when the loons arrive in the library, you just get on the library public address (yes, I said that) and announce a "158 at the card catalog" or wherever. Then some whiteshirts come over from the other side to help the loon out.

Bubblehead Les. said...

The Main Branch of the Akron Public Library was notorious (until the rebuild) as being a homeless shelter during normal hours. It had gotten so bad in the 90's that to use the restrooms, one had to ask for the key at the desk, and during evening hours, you took one of the Security guards with you. When they closed for the evening, one could see a dozen or more homeless being sent out on the street for the night. But since this was taking place during the Clinton Era, we, of course, must blame Bush.

Zendo Deb said...

I don't know why I thought the library was place of quiet contemplation.