Wednesday, July 28, 2010

heads up

After reading about the gurhka who was disciplined for beheading a Taliban, I realized that I had a miniature version of the kukri knife that was most likely used to do the deed.

Made by in Nepal by the official Kukri suppliers to Ghurkas, this knife was a birthday gift from a dear friend and a very welcome addition to my growing collection of sharp and stabbies.

(historical side note: Guess who else seemed to take heads in battle?)


SayUncle said...

Title win.


Robert Langham said...

That distinctive crook is to handle that pesky tough cartilage around the neck vertebrae

Bob said...

Remember, also, that Jonathan Harker used a Kukri to behead Dracula in Bram Stoker's classic novel. More recently, the protagonist of Larry Correia's novel Monster Hunter International, Owen Pitt, used a kukri as part of his monster-killing kit. I'm more of a bowie knife fan, myself.

Mad Saint Jack said...

Khukuri in the Kitchen.

Bubblehead Les. said...

How many heads did the Mongols stack outside the one city that they sacked during their 13th. Century Road Trip? 40-50,000 thousand I believe?

Anonymous said...

Rule #1: Don't f*** with the Ghurkas.


I think the statement that this was a reasonable idea (positive ID) taken a little far is fair. Then again if the guest of honour was done with his head anyway, I can see why the heart and mind became separated like that.

What to do? Fighting and winning is what the Ghurkas do, if they're the wrong people for that fight then it would be better to change the roster than to try and restrain them.


Jenny said...

Better on a battlefield than on your knees in an orange jump suit for the camera.

I can't help but think there's more than a little poetic justice there.

instinct said...

I've got a Bowie and a Kukri. Love them both.

I see no problem with taking the bastards head. They are not following the Geneva conventions so I don't see how these terrorist would be covered by them.

Also, if they fear us I think they will stop trying to attack us. Two ways to get people to do what you want - respect or fear. In this case I think fear is the right tool.

Buckshot said...


I don't think the Gurkha was punished for fighting, I think he was punished for beheading a corpse.

Beheading is OK in battle, not good when the battle is over and they are abusing a corpse.

Sewing them into a pigskin, on the other hand, would just be doing your part for the environment.

Do you have a USMC KaBar yet in your collection?


Breda said...

no USMC Ka-Bar yet!

Firehand said...

If you've never tried a kukri, be ready; that thing chops like a good axe. It's a beast of a knife.

John B said...

I guess I'm gonna have to get my kukri the old fashioned way, make it myself.

The KaBar is too pricy nowadays. I make do with a cutco hunter, the wedding carver when I need to do some butchering.

Elk, not people!