Wednesday, August 4, 2010


At this past NRA convention in Charlotte, I spent quite some time looking at the collections of antique firearms. I especially liked this delightful and deadly cabinet of curiosities.

Some of these pistols were ingenious, some were works of art, and some were just plain strange but it was fascinating to see the variety of concepts people dreamed up in their quest to simply be able to hurl small balls of lead at high velocities.

People have continued this quest in modern times, to either improve firearm design or just because they can...and this is one of the most interesting, and involved, examples I've ever seen.


Mike W. said...

Bond, James Bond. Luckily with the "Golden Gun" you only need one shot for a kill.

Very cool! Human ingenuity is amazing.

Alan said...

Oh, want!

And it's black powder too so no FFL required.

Earl said...

Is it properly registered?

Old NFO said...

WOW... :-)

Glenn B said...

Very nice fun adult toy, also a lot of potential as a one shot pistol for a murder mystery film or movie prop for a sci-fi or spy movie.

Certainly not much practical use except as something to smuggle through customs as an assassins one shot pistol.

Of course, if he puts it up for sale I suppose that could be anothger type of practical use - making him a big bundle of cash.
All the best,

Barrett B. said...

Those collection photos remind me of the Saunders Museum in Berryville, AR. That's a neat little diversion if you're ever in the area when it's open.

Tam said...

Oh cool!

The little collection of brass and ironmongery towards the bottom right corner of the top photo is, I think, a 19th Century burglar alarm.

Operated by tripwire, you'd load it (usually with just a blank charge) and it would wake you up if someone tripped it. I want one!