Friday, September 24, 2010


I'd be a very poor blogger indeed if I didn't type "gun" in the search box of every new website I discover, like I did on a blog about why some books desperately need to be sent to that big repository in the sky.

Sometimes I'm saddened or annoyed by what I find, but I was delighted to see the comments about this book - the only real objection was that the title (and content) didn't include girls, and the rest of the discussion was knowledgeable and matter-of-fact.

Bravo, librarians.


Alan said...

You know girls aren't supposed to be interested in icky guns.

John A said...

Should, perhaps, have been a "Young Person's" guide or some such - but that would be unwieldly, if not downright unfriendly.

Heck, in the Fifties I was reading more Nancy Drew than Hardy Boys because (largely thanks to four older sisters) those were more available - did not really occur to me that I should not read books "for girls." I am not sure any Annie Oakley would have been put off by the title.