Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What am I doing wrong?

Last week, the White House's rabidly anti-gun astroturfer extraordinare David Axelrod had a conference call with a bunch of butthurt lefty bloggers. Seems they're all feeling a bit sore from being used as propagandists for the Obama administration without getting much hopenchangey love in return. One woman on the call, a Susan Madrak, was particularly put out, accusing Axelrod of "hippie punching" and saying, “We’re the girl you’ll take under the bleachers but you won’t be seen with in the light of day.”

Uh, yeah.

Anyway, after reading about this I started thinking, "Wow, the White House is talking to bloggers. Who do you have to be to get David freakin' Axelrod to call you? Not that I want to talk to anyone in this administration, but well...Hmmm...Who is this Susan Madrak person? Exactly how big is her blog?"

So I googled the name and was asked if I meant "susie madrak." Uh, sure. "Susie." Okay. I googled again and found susiemadrak.com. I assumed it was the same person and clicked through. The blog is named "Suburban Guerrilla" (you can find it online if you're that interested, but I'm not linking to her) I found the blog header fairly amusing...

Now, I hate to make assumptions and all, but considering she refers to herself as a "hippie" I'm going to go out on a limb here and guess she's fairly anti-gun.

Anyway (sidetracked again, sorry) over on her blog, I found a link to her sitemeter and prepared myself to see numbers equivalent to, say, Michelle Malkin.

Umm...not quite. Mind you, these numbers are with having been in the national news recently. (search google news for madrak+axelrod if you don't believe me.) Susie's sitemeter does, however, look eerily familiar...

Should I be waiting by the phone?


Mike W. said...

You would never get an invite.

Obama would crap his pants just being in the same building as you.

Also, looks like someone at the White House forgot to send these lefty bloggers their latest batch of kool-aid.

Anonymous said...

I pray that #45 is one of the 1405. He/she should be so well informed.

Mike W. said...

FYI - she published 19 posts yesterday and they make Sayuncle look wordy.

It would appear she's more about quantity than quality.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Maybe you and Bonnie can interview Axelrod on BTR?

Alan said...

I wonder which liberal foundation/millionaire pays her?

TBeck said...

That depends. If the administration needs a hippie puncher, you should be on that list.

Robert Langham said...

I like her header picture though. Maybe she isn't anti-gun.

Robert Langham said...

Never mind.

Old NFO said...

Breda- you don't kiss ass, I wouldn't be waiting for a call from 'this' administration... :-)

John B said...

Breda you're too good for him.
you're even too good to spit in his martini!

Hand it here. I'll do it!

Buckshot said...

I wonder if that header is a picture off of Shorpy, like the picture in your "Bobs & Bolties" post?


Bubblehead Les. said...

Well, as Jeremy Clarkson says on "Top Gear" says, "Let's Find Out!"
1) First, do you want to be in constant contact with a guy whose Mother was the Publisher of the Communist Party-USA's newspaper in the 40's until the Feds shut her down?
2) This led to his parents divorcing and her suicide.
3) As a result, he decided to carry on her work as an adult and formed his own Media Consulting/ Political Spin company in Chicago, where he helped to shape the career of a young Barry Obama.
4) Through his AgitProp and his Disinformation skills, he helped to get the Lame Stream Media on to one play book, thus ensuring that any facts about the Anointed One's past Leftist/Marxist/Rev. Wright/Bill Ayers, et.al. connections would be perceived as the assault of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy.
5) This results in the "Hope for some Change left in your wallet" Campaign, specifically designed to get out the Sheeple Vote.
6) Now that the Bloom is off the Rose, he (like all smart Commies) is bolting back into the Jungle of Chicago, allowing Barry to be set up to become the next Trotsky, while they groom some other Young Communist to gain Power down the Road.

So I believe the answer to your Question would be No.

Gunmart said...

Brilliant run down and far better reporting then those "journalists" in the MSM.

Matt said...

If any president, of either party, ever had a senior advisor seriously engage with the likes of Breda, that would be a sign of one of two things:

1. Breda has incurably sold out.
2. America has elected its Best President Ever!!!!!1!!!1!one!!


I rate neither of those outcomes as particularly likely.