Saturday, October 23, 2010

alone in the dark

There are times when I am out in the world, unarmed but for my wits and a few thoughtfully placed knives. I can't carry a gun to the library, I can't leave it in the car, and I often have to stop at the grocery store after work. Sometimes even at night.

The dark parking lot always seems the most ominous - there are a great many shadows between me and the brightly lit store. But because I know the truth of bad things happening anywhere (even here), I make the best of my 60 inches, remind myself to be alert, and walk with a purpose to the door.

On my way out - and it doesn't matter if I have one bag or ten - I will push a cart. Saves me the pain in the neck (literally) and leaves my hands free. If a stranger approaches I will keep it between us like a shield. I also imagine it - with me hanging on like a rabid, cursing monkey - would be difficult to stuff into the back of van.

Everything's a tool.
Have a plan.
Fight like hell.


Heath said...

Well said.

NEVER fight fair.

Jennifer said...

Excellent post. And yes, never fight fair. But "can't" or should it be "would get in trouble if caught," it is an interesting distinction.

JB Miller said...

When was the last time anyone searched that "purse" you keep in the trunk...

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

I'm with MBtGE... why can't you have a piece in your car at work? If it's against library rules, well, they don't have to power to search your car. And they'd never suspect...

Oh, I get it. Of COURSE it isn't in your car.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Jennifer, JB Miller, and New Jovian Thunderbolt. I understand the property rights argument, but would any of those who support that argument also advocate an employers right to stop you from having a Bible or a stack of porno mags in your car? My car is my property.

And besides, moot point, if you don't keep in your car. ;-) ;-)

Breda said...

1 - carrying in a library in Ohio is a felony

2 - the library employee parking lot is technically school property.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...


Nancy R. said...

Yup. That whole school parking lot thing ...

Last Friday when I went to pick up Sweet Daughter at school a little early so we could head down to Yorktown, I realized I couldn't get out of the car with the gun in it*, So I drove to SH's office, left the gun in his car trunk, picked up SD, and went back and got my gun.

*Now if I don't get out of the car, it's okay. For instance if she's waiting outside for me and she hops in the car while I remain seated, it's all good. But that's never going to happen in elementary school where the transfer of a child is akin to the transfer of a classified document.

Tango said...

Heath, If you ever find yourself in a fair fight, your tactics suck. :)

Anonymous said...


Just to clarify your comment regarding carrying in a library:

Carrying a CONCEALED firearm in a government building in Ohio is a felony. Carrying a firearm OPENLY in a library in Ohio is A-OK by state law. It might attract a bit too much attention though...

God bless!

Old NFO said...

Well said- Fight to win, DO NOT fight fair...

Buckshot said...


Really confused here. Where is the library listed as one of the enumerated no carry areas? Never seen it in the ORC.

I do know that the Ohio Library Assn. or whatever they call it advised their members to post their libraries and indicate that the reason is becasue they get state funds. I understand that you can't carry because it is posted.

I also understand if they have informed the library employees in some manner that they may not carry a firearm at work or have one in a vehicle on their property that you can't carry.

I am LOST on the school property thing. Does the school actually own the library property there? I don't think that that setup is all that common, never heard of it before, as a matter of fact, except for a SCHOOL library, and that includes around Dayton, up around Mansfield and over here in Lima.

My last employer prohibited employees from carrying at work on on their property. I got around that by parking on the public street or in a private pay lot across the street. BOTH of these choices removed the ability to search my vehicle from that employer.

No chance of you doing something like that, I suppose?

Not trying to get "on your case" but rather understand the point of apparent law you brought up as I read that list every month in class when we are talking about it and the Public Library is NO WHERE ON THERE!



Breda said...

Okay, yes. I checked and it doesn't seem to be a felony, I don't believe it's addressed in the employee handbook, but our library is posted. So no "weapons" of any kind.

And the parking lot is indeed owned by the school, although they allow the library to use it.

Ed Rasimus said...

In Colorado Springs the library was an independent district. We were our own taxing authority and only linked to the city and county through their appointment authority to the Board of Trustees.

When the new sheriff in our county fulfilled his promise to extend concealed carry the squealing started. It made front page news when a dimwit unhorsed his Dirty Harry Mod. 29 and laid it on the counter at a County Tax Assessor's office.

Next Board meeting one of the typical board members plaintively asked what policy we were taking. I suggested that we really didn't need one because concealed meant concealed and the people had been vetted. What was illegal remained illegal.

She whined that she wondered if anyone had ever brought a gun into her library. As President of the Board, I looked at her, smiled and told her I was certainly sure that they had and in fact it had probably happened that very morning. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

Surprisingly the following month at a evening meeting at one of the branches, she sought me out after the meeting to ask if I would mind accompanying her to her car!

Even liberals learn.

Bubblehead Les. said...

We might be able to shut down some of those Anti-Gun Loopholes (notice how I cleverly used the Antis own terminology against them) in Ohio after this Election. I seem to recall seeing a video of the Chief Justice Candidate for the Ohio Supreme Court Maureen O'Conner taking pistol practice with her 1911 at the Akron P.D. Police range when she was the Summit County Prosecutor. That is, of course, if the DemiCommie Secretary of State doesn't try to rig the Mid-Terms like she did with the last Presidential. That "B#%ch" went to the Supreme Court to ALLOW the Voter Registrations from ACORN to be validated. But one can Hope for Change, right?

Alan said...

I'm still giggling over "...rabid, cursing monkey".

That's one hell of a mental image.

MaddMedic said...

My gun goes into a safe.
In my car.
When I absolutely cannot have it on my person.
Well hidden.
At my workplace a gun free zone, it gets locked up.
In fact I often have it a few places I maybe shouldn't.
It is concealed.
I do not advertise.
I will never be a victim, again.

Buckshot said...


The problem is that Ohio is an "at will" work state.

They put no firearms on the property on signs on the employee BB or in the employee handbook and you are legally notified. In fact, they ONLY have to tell you and you are legally notified.

Then they put their "right to search" into the employee handbook. So they decide to go out and search the cars parked on their lot.

If you are a good boy and they search and you have no gun, you keep working.

If you are a bad boy and refuse their right to search, well, here are you walking papers, don't come back, we will mail your last check.

If you are a good boy and let them search and they find your safe and you won't open it for them, well, here are your walking papers, don't come back, we will mail your last check.

If you are good boy and let them search and then find your safe and you open it for them so they find the gun, well, here are your walking papers, don't come back, we will mail your last check to you.

AS of now, without some law changes, ALL of this is perfectly legal!

That and carry in real restaurants are the two big things being worked on now. You can't carry in a place with a class D license selling for consumption on site, which covers almost all of the fancier restaurants, even if the carrier is NOT drinking.


Jake (formerly Riposte3) said...

My mother has a similar issue. Part of her job involves attending Zoning Board meetings,which are held at night in the courthouse. The parking lot is poorly lit, behind the building, and not visible from any streets.

While it is in a small town, it is certainly not crime-free. There was enough concern that the judge and the Sheriff were both looking for ways for her (and other CHP holders) to carry until they get into the building and then turn it over to a Deputy. Unfortunately, I don't think they were able to do anything.

Laughingdog said...

"But that's never going to happen in elementary school where the transfer of a child is akin to the transfer of a classified document."

It boggles my mind that schools require parents to pick up their kids now. Thirty years ago, right outside of DC, I was walked the mile or two from school to my babysitter's every day.

Kirk Parker said...

Wow, it's always nice to be reminded how (relatively) civilized Washington State is.

Yes, I can drive onto k-12 school property with my loaded handgun (provided I have my CPL which I need to have a loaded firearm in my car in the first place.)

Yes, if I need to get out and wander around to find my wayward student, I just lock the handgun in the car, out of sight, and I'm good to go.

Restaurants serving alcohol, no problem -- it's only the 21-and-over sections that are off limits.

Heck, even in the state capitol the only place off limits is the Supreme Court. Carry--concealed or open--into the capitol building itself or the legislative offices, no problem.

You guys got your work cut out for you! Here's hoping for steady progress...

ASM826 said...

It was due to very similar reasons that I took up a martial art about 4 years ago. I'm in my 50s, and I am not in any great shape, but it has improved my fitness and given me another set of skills that cannot be removed at the door to the library.

Mike W. said...

"I make the best of my 60 inches

That just means there's less of you to grab. It also puts you in a better position to rip his scrotum off.

Fight like hell. Fight dirty!