Friday, October 22, 2010

gunchicks, next gen

One of the things I most enjoy reading in the gunblogger community is posts by all these proud papas who take it upon themselves to teach their little girls to shoot.

TheUnpaidBill has joined their ranks, taking a very reluctant daughter to the range. It's a great story, without a surprise ending. But you'll love it anyway, I promise.


Solus said...

Love the stories about young ones learning to shoot, especially the little girls since fewer of them manage to get involved.

Here is a link to a forum thread where a fellow from Australia, posting as PhilW, shows photos of his little girls 5th Birthday where she open her new rifle and case.

Followed after a few posts by a range report with more pictures.

Enjoy it if you are interested.

Breda said...

The photos are always the best. I love those big smiles - AND all the pink! Very cute.

Bubblehead Les. said...

Now THAT'S what Women's Rights SHOULD be all about! Love all those "Next Generation" pictures.

JB Miller said...

I'll take some picks the next time I take my daughter. (She like suppressors)

TBeck said...

I started my girls on Eddie Eagle as preschoolers. When eldest was eight I bought her a Red Ryder. Two years later she was shooting a pink Crickett and a P22. Now she just started using a Mini-14 and an XD9.

Old NFO said...

He did good :-)

Andrew said...

You don't have to twist my arm too far. Sarah was eight this spring when she got to shoot for the first time.

Turns out there's a "Chipmunk" rifle -- a little bit shorter than the Cricket, but from the same maker.

Andrew said...

Whoops, forgot something:

Buckshot said...

Having trouble with this and could use a little help here.

Had a girl come out and shoot the 2009 season. Stated that she was going to go to college on a rifle scholarship. Made Pro-Marksman and Marksman that first year.

Came back for the 2010 season and made Marksman First Class and Sharpshooter and was ready to start on the Sharpshooter bars and standing next year.

Her Dad had her scheduled to shoot an Appleseed on October 2 & 3 after our Jr. Smallbore Program ended for the year on Sept. 7.

Then, the weekend before the Appleseed, she tells her Dad that she is NOT going to shoot EVER AGAIN.

I have not been able to talk to her, her Dad can't get the problem out of her, and he is broken up about it.

Don't know how much internet access she gets or would try to send Breda's blog link down to her.

Her Dad is hoping whatever it is, she changes her mind by next year. I don't know what to tell him, other than "Don't push it" at this point.