Thursday, November 11, 2010

BB&Guns: the essentials.

Yes, Virginia...there is going to be a new show tonight!

I love all sorts of little gadgets and am completely fascinated by the "what's in your pocket" meme, so we're going to be talking about all those nifty little things gunnies rely on to make their life easier - from pocket knifes to flashlights to tactical pens to multitools. Call in and tell us about your favorite things and the things you just can't leave the house without. I'm going to try and get Mr. Batbelt Extraordinare (seriously. I think he could build the space shuttle with the things he carries around his waist) to join us. I'm sure we'll get around to talking about other stuff too, so it'll be a fun evening.

Tune in tonight at 8PM on Blogtalk Radio!

*disclaimer: this should not be an advertisement for any of the products discussed. Just us gunnies geeking out on gear.


Anonymous said...

This sounds like it'll be an entertaining and informative show. I'll set a timing on my phone (speaking of things) so I don't get distracted miss.. hey look, shiny!


Lissa said...

Eastern time? Or central time?

Breda said...

Breda time!


Mike W. said...

"Breda time"

Is that anything like Hammertime? :)

Looks like it'll be a great show. I'll have to catch it on iTunes.

Alan said...

It's way better than hammertime.

Mike W. said...

Yeah. Hammertime can't touch this!

HeroHog said...

Well WTF??? I try to catch/call in the show and it keeps telling me it's starting an hour and a half later. I come back and it won't let me in the queue again saying the shows not starting for an hour. I get back at 8:00 dial in and its ENDING?!?!?! WTF??? I wanted to participate!

CAPTCHA: "binfaces" Is that a binary or trashcan face?

JB Miller said...

Great show Breda!

HeroHog said...

Listining to the show and y'all mentioned having a camera. How about a key-fob video camcorder/camera for $9.95 delivered that runs on a rechargable batt and takes Micro SD cards up to 8gb?!?!
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Anonymous said...

Gear that I sometimes carry: A "MintyBoost".

A kit that you can put together that uses two AA batteries to charge a USB device.

Sometimes just having two AA batteries with me is a helpful thing.

John said...

I would have liked to catch the show, but I had a lot to do last night.

I just bought a multi-tool yesterday. It's a cheap Chinese knock-off of a Leatherman. They were on sale for merely $5 at Wal-Mart, so I decided to take a chance.

Other than that, I keep a pen, chapstick, keys, wallet, and cellphone in my pockets.

I've thought about adding a small flashlight that I can clip to my belt.

Geodkyt said...

Breda Time!

(Can't touch this!)