Friday, November 19, 2010

chauvinist cuppa

I don't know why bacon and other tasty meats are considered "man food" or why sipping a cup of something warm and comforting is thought to be a "girl thing" but here both concepts are anyway, mashed together into something I expect would be completely unpalatable.

Also? imitation bacon bits do not equal bacon. Ever.


Anonymous said...

I can't see that working, personally. Now a nice thick maple sauce with real bacon in it for your waffles? That could work.


Fodder said...

Why man things?

I dunno - because bacon is made of meat, which presumably needed killing at some point, traditionally the bailiwick of those of us with scro-hair?

This is not to marginalize the capacity of girl-folk for the killing of stuff, by the way.

Breda said...

Wise on your part, to be sure.ellsh