Friday, November 19, 2010


My Buddy the Gun Enthusiast has posted a photo of what's in his pockets, including his mini-emergency Altoids tin kit.

I'm going to work on mine this weekend - once I eat all the chocolate covered mints - and will post a photo once I'm finished.

What's in your pockets? (pics!)


ViolentIndifference said...

Passengers on the 5.11:

SOG multitool in belt pouch

Cell phone in belt pouch

keyring multitool
cigar bullet
Folding knife
Pocket pen/pencil
Nail clipper
USB drive with portable apps
Lip goop
Tactical flashlight
Minty gum
Pocket tape measure
Secret things *cough*

Weetabix said...

I carry light, and one of the things isn't a camera ;-) :

Lt. pocket: keys
Rt. pocket: space pen, Swiss Army knife, wallet
Belt: cell phone, mag holder, Makarov

GreyBeard said...

L. front: Victorinoz Midnite Manager knife
R. front: assorted change
and Gerber 450 knife (clipped in)
Watch Pocket: Nitro pills
Belt: Glock 36, spare mag., and key clip
Key clip: keys, photon light, Proto key screwdriver

JB Miller said...

L-Front: Altoids Tin
R-Front: Keltec .380
L-Rear: Wallet
R-Rear: Swiss Army and Keys

Belt: Blackberry in pouch
Belt: Kershaw clip/flip knife

tanksoldier said...

The Altoids tins have poor hinges.

More expensive, but also more effective:

JB Miller said...

I bought a commercially manufactured one that is on a lanyard. Water tight and light weight. Good back in the days when I white water rafted more.

Keys, cash, cards and credentials!

lee n. field said...

OK, I'll play.

Left front. Wallet. It's a guy wallet, so it's stuffed fat.

Right front. Keys, handkerchief, comb.

Right rear. Pocket knife -- Buck Juno, an inexpensive lockback that I kind of like. That's the only thing I let be in that pocket.

Left rear: accumulated change and a couple USB memory sticks.

Belt, right hip, Gerber tool. This being Illinois, of course, nothing else goes there.

The backpack is usually close by. In that I keep an LED Maglight, earplugs, camera, a water bottle, a Tupperware double sandwich box with more tools, a safepacker, a bible and some cash. Hmm -- need to find some twine.

I suppose I could restart civilization.

HeroHog said...
P-11 Kel-Tec
Spare Mag
Mini MagLight
Leatherman Blast Multitool
SOG Twitch Pocket Knife
1gb Voice recorder/mpg player
8gb Keyfob AVI Movie/JPG Camera
5mpxl Camera/Phone w/4gb card

HeroHog said...

If you count my bag which I constantly carry then add:
Cell Phone Charger
16gb USB memory stick
Pocket Constitution/Bill of Rights
Tri-Fold L.O.C.A.L. hand-outs
2 large VCDL "Guns Save Lives" buttons
12' Tape measure (comes in handy!)
Blue Tooth ear bud
Hair brush (for my beard)
Wallet (with list of meds I take and gun permits)
emergency meds in perscription bottles
Driving Glasses/Sun Glasses

HeroHog said...

Forgot my custom molded silicone ear plugs!

cybrus said...

Great question Breda! I started typing an answer and just decided to make a post out of it:

BobG said...

I wear a photographer's vest that tends to be full of more stuff than the local US Surplus store. If you add up everyone's stuff in their pockets in the comments section, it would come close to what I can dig out of my vest. The only thing I keep in a pocket is my knife.

Skip said...

LF- Money clip with sixty or so bucks, a second fob so I can leave the truck running and locked.
RF- Pocket knife, original keys/fob.
RR- Nothing.
LR- Wallet.
Now that its cooler a Kimber Gold Match rides in a custom shoulder rig with 2 mags.
Cel stays in the truck 'cause I hate 'em.

Earl said...

Appleseed bib coveralls
Markers, pens, flashlight
Canon camera, two lock blade folders, change (coin rolling at home waiting) picture of wife when I was beautiful, picture of grandson before innocence fled, doctor's appointment card, car keys with dog tag and finger nail clippers, gun lock key, house key, cell phone (away from home), Leatherman wave in left pocket, Leatheman Crunch in right pocket, Zippo lighter with fuel (driving over snow covered mountain passes), folding brush-comb for eyebrows?, red bandana for wiping safety glasses, wallet with cash, credit/debit cards and receipts for spending, library card and Lotto tickets, CCP, RWVA instructor card, Military ID, WA Drivers License

Roadkill said...

Mine has somewhat decreased.

Leatherman Fuse
Boker AK-74 automatic folding knife
Fenix P1D
S&W 638 .38 special
1xreload for snub
s4 boxcutter