Friday, November 5, 2010

Pop top

Last night, I drank beer that came in a can. Don't judge me.

See, I have a thing for seasonal microbrews and beers with unique flavors. (Except smoked brews, which oddly taste like liquid kielbasa.) I'm also a sucker for good packaging and design.
So when I saw a six pack of the 21st Amendment Brewery's Fireside Chat winter spiced ale in a handsome brown box, I was intrigued...and then horrified to discover that the beer came in cans. I put the box back on the store shelf. No way was I going to buy a six of cans.

But one single can? Just to give it a try? (and to blog) Sure, it was a buck fifty. Why not.

The beer was just...okay. It was a little watery for me (but then I'm used to ales so hoppy it sometimes tastes like you're chewing metallic grass clippings.) and the spice flavors were a little weak - but I really liked the thick rootbeer-esque foam. Kind of made me feel like I was drinking something festive and fun. This would be a good choice for people who are used to lighter tasting beers but would like to start trying flavored microbrews.

And FDR on the can? Kind of cool.

*this company also offers a watermelon wheat beer in the summertime. Highly questionable, but I suppose I'll have to try it.

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Weer'd Beard said...

Do they bottle anything in 40s? ; ]

Mike W. said...

Their "Monks Blood" looks interesting.

Too bad they don't have any distributors in DE (or anywhere near here)

Glad to see you at least poured it into a glass.

Jay G said...

MMmmmmm. Liquid Kielbasa.

That sounds like a good flavor for a whiskey...

Justin Buist said...

"And FDR on the can? Kind of cool."

Free plinking target!

Ed Rasimus said...

OK, put the can down and step slowly away. Keep your hands where I can see them. Don't try your liquid kielbasa spiel on me. I'm not buying it and I'm REALLY not buying "watermelon wheat beer".

JB Miller said...

Dammit. Now I'm Thirsty.

Kevin said...

Over in the Green Zone in Baghdad, saw a six-pack of vodka from Russia, (where else?)?

Ed Skinner said...

Remember that two Ed's are supposed to be better than one when I say that I agree with Mr. Rasimus. Whatever that is you're buying, it ain't beer!

So, who are you and what have you done with Breda?

greg said...

There are some okay beers available in cans in Washington you can find the 21st Century stuff, but you can also find Blue Moon, and Fat Tire in a can.

I have heard a rumor that in Montana you can find Moose Drool Brown Ale, from Big Sky Brewing in a can.

Montana said...

You can indeed find Moose Drool canned up here. The cans are actually spun to the same profile as a bottle. My complaint is they warm up faster than a bottle. Guinness comes in a can and is better than the bottle variety. It's got a special carbonator disk in the can that they don't put in the bottle. It should be poured in into a glass. Fat Tire in the can however, tastes like crap if it sits for more than week. And Blue Moon isn't beer, it's a cloudy wine cooler. Not that I have any opinions on the subject.

Old NFO said...

Nothing wrong with beer in cans Breda :-)

Mike W. said...

Montana - Guinness puts their carbonation widget in both the cans and bottles.

Montana said...

Huh, never noticed the ones in the bottles before. Guess I'll have to go buy a six pack.

Kim said...

Cans? Ugh. I only recently started drinking beer from bottles...

As for "watermelon" beer: the minute a fruit is brought anywhere near a beer, it ceases to be beer.

It makes as much sense as cherry-flavored .308 Win.

Serr8d said...

Hey, the nutcase MikeB posted on your post. I've taken up trolling him as a weekly feature; but he's stopped posting my comments.

Here's what I left for that slimeturd MikeB:

"Hey, you exhibitor of the dumbth, bloggers have other facets of their lives when they aren't sitting rotting in a box in front of a box. I'm sure you even do 'normal' things on occasion, you know, take a bath and wash that naasty arse; thankfully you haven't blogged about it yet though.

Your blog might be a strict interpretation of your twisted mindset, but the rest of us blog generally. I've even blogged on white water rafting and skiing.

It's all part of a well-rounded existence. Try it some time~!"

It's times like these that I wish Blogger would give us the blockquote feature.

(BTW, I'm not a big beer drinker, I prefer shots of straight liquor when I do imbibe; but I love 'Fat Tire', that New Belgian stuff new to Tennessee.


Tam said...

Sun King here in Indy does their beer in cans, and their Sunlight Cream Ale is my official summertime lawn-mowing beer.

TheAxe said...

Brewer's Art puts Ressurection Ale in a can. It's good stuff :)

Ed Skinner said...

Sheesh! What's next, a discussion of the best potato for spud-guns?

Beer comes in a keg, see? A keg. Nothing smaller.

And you have to be in Ireland to get Guinness, and it has to be pulled, not poured. Anywhere else and it's something else.

greg said...

But isn't a keg just kind of a BIG can?

Serr8d said...

Your friend mikeb responds. I answered. Keep this as a memento of his whackiness.

Enjoying one of those connoisseur beers that Breda was talking about, even one of them, is absolutely incompatible with gun ownership. Alcohol is a drug, it's used to get high. There's no place for getting high on drugs in the life of a responsible gun owner.

I've never read a more ignorant line of commentary in my life.

With those couple sentences, you've forever tarnished your future in blogging. There is nothing you can post ever again that can be taken seriously, if you honestly believe those lines. If you extrapolate your thoughts, no police officer, no soldier, no one with access to even a pen knife can ever again drink a Bud Light.

My gawd, man, you are seriously flawed in your thinking. No wonder gun bloggers point and laugh.

Sean said...

Around here (Oregon), the only local breweries I'm aware of who can their beer are Caldera brewing and Fearless Brewing.

DO NOT TRY Hell or High Watermelon (21st Amendment's beer you mentioned.) It's terrible. Somewhat fizzy, vaguely watermelon flavored water.

I dunno how much Oregon beer you get out there, but if you can acquire some, we generally go in big for hops out here.