Thursday, December 16, 2010

BB&G: for sale

Since my most recent "shrink & pink" post seemed to have stirred up a bit of conversation, tonight's BB&Guns will focus on gun (and gear!) marketing - what works, what doesn't, crazy cool stuff you want to buy and why, and stuff that's just plain crazy (think huge, tactical black, and rails upon rails.)

So, you know the drill - meet us all on Blogtalk Radio at 8PM this evening, log in to chat and by all in to add your two cents to the conversation!

BB&Guns - 8PM tonight!


JB Miller said...

Another good show. I swear you should go 2 hours.

Mike W. said...

Thank god I can download these on iTunes.

SpeakerTweaker said...

#%@! Once again, I missed a show that I reeeeely would love to have called in on!

At least I have a good excuse this time: I was out to dinner with The Wifey celebrating our 10th Anniversary yesterday!

Yes, it is a shameless plug. No, I have no shame:)


lee n. field said...
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lee n. field said...

"Thin is in" Kahr ad.

I was reading today somewhere, that that woman is actually Justin Moon's wife.