Monday, December 20, 2010

being her own hero

The girl's a warrior, she deserves one of these.


Mike W. said...

Too bad we have stupid crap like "Child Access Prevention" gun laws here in DE.

Looking at our statute I don't see "self-defense" or home defense listed as an affirmative defense.

That said, I highly doubt we'd prosecute parents here under CAP because their 11 year old successfully defended herself with a gun at home.

Jay G said...
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PPPP said...

Yeah, an AR15 would be a fine gift for her. In a situation like this, if she needed it, she's only gonna get one shot with that gun. Better to at least move up to a semi-auto .22, but the AR15 would be better.

d said...

The news called the scumbags "burglars".

Now ... do "burglars" enter occupied homes with their own gun, or do "home invaders" come into occupied homes with their own guns?

Those scumbags were committing a violent felony, not a basic burgle job. Who knows what they were looking for, but three men don't split up big-screen TV's very well, do they? (but with two to hold and taking turns ... well, that's just disgusting, isn't it?)

Ruth said...

Good for her, can't say I'd have had that much presence of mind at 11yrs old. I'd say that pink AR should be the perfect Christmas gift!

George said...

Even during the interview, this apparently unassuming young lady was in control, was articulate and was totally in charge.

A tribute to parents, yes ... but many huzzahs to her for herself.


Greyweather said...

I don't think that could have had a better outcome. They didn't interview the parents, but I expect they are darn proud. I know I would be.