Sunday, December 19, 2010

Snow day

And here I thought everyone was making french toast.

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Old NFO said...

Now that IS funny :-)

Ed Rasimus said...

The southern states (i.e. the Republic of Texas and lesser entities) respond similarly to the breathless reports of a building tropic depression 1200 miles E. of the Bahamas which is forecast within twelve days to build to Force 5 Hurricane strength and destroy all coastal areas up to three hundred miles inland.

Rather than eggs, milk and TP, we stock up on bottled water, plywood and Honda generators. We threaten to board up the windows, but don't. Fuel the generators, but don't. And we drink the water while out walking the dog. We may also buy all the AA and D-cell batteries on the shelves, even though we don't have a single flashlight that requires a D-cell.