Tuesday, July 26, 2011

apparently it does

Another mass shooting, more dead innocents, more shaken survivors saying, "Things like this just don't happen here (in Norway, in our little town, at this school, ...)"

Pretty thoughts, sure.

But no place is exempt. 


Weer'd Beard said...

That's why I carry my gun every day. I never know when or where bad things were going to happen.

If I did, I'd simply not go there, or at the very least go there wearing body armor, driving up-armored cars, with friend all with rifles.

It simply CAN happen anywhere, so wherever I go, Mr. 1911 is with me!

Mike W. said...

Yep. Bad things can happen anywhere.* Those who deny it are living in a fantasy world which reality will always shatter in the most devastating way possible.

*and when they do the chances that an armed cop will be standing right there with you are next to zero.

There are evil men in the world, ready and willing to take innocent lives, be it in the U.S., Norway, Ireland, Brazil etc.

Graybeard said...

That's a haunting story you tell in the link, Breda.

A good example of why everyone likes you, and why I drop by a few times a week.