Tuesday, July 26, 2011

what Breda's been doing*

  • Painting practically every available, non-moving, non-living, surface in my home. The kitchen cabinets, the upstairs bathroom (robin's egg blue and white trim! Looks so cute, ohmigawd), the bathroom cabinets, the front hall (purple!), the other hall (not purple), maybe the kitchen floor (apple green!) because I seem to have completely lost my mind.
  • Container gardening (yes, cucumbers really will climb up a tomato cage)
  • Getting rid of the dishwasher, for reals. Seriously, does anyone want a perfectly good dishwasher? It's sitting on my porch annoying me. 
  • Attempting to devise a way to nap with my eyes open and still retain the ability to answer reference questions.
  • Sweating. Drinking water. Sweating some more. (lather, rinse, repeat)
  • Organizing the Labor Day Northcoast II blogshoot. (anyone else planning on coming? PLEASE EMAIL ME YOUR RSVP, I want to cook food for you.)
  • Actually reading books. (Fiction, even. Go figure.) This usually occurs while I'm sitting in the shade under my magnolia tree with something cool, and sometimes grown-up, to drink
  • Admiring the hard work of the sparrows who have taken up residence in our birdhouse. They are currently raising their 3rd (!) clutch of eggs.
  • Occasionally hanging out with William the Coroner
  • Rescuing the disabled guy who lives next door after he fell and busted his face on the concrete. First time I've ever worn another person's blood, so that was interesting.
  • Becoming friends with the pit bull who lives with the guy next door. He only looks scary. I give him sticks to play with, Mike made me buy Milkbones. Mike is a big softie.
  • Still going to the chiropractor.
  • Open carrying while openly wearing a prosthesis, short shorts, and a halter top. No one notices the gun.
  • Other things even less noteworthy than these.

*I'm writing this post under the pretense that more than three people actually care.


Alan said...

"Open carrying while openly wearing a prosthesis, short shorts, and a halter top"

The judges require photos before they can score this properly.

cybrus said...

Out of curiosity, what made you get rid of the dish washer?

And nice job with the disabled guy!

Breda said...

Mostly the "sink full of dirty dishes and the dishwasher full of clean dishes" syndrome - cause of much housewife angst. Also, the phosphate free soaps just weren't cleaning anything anymore so I had to wash the dishes by hand anyhow.

So, now, the space is being put to better use with shelving and a little kitchen cart.

Mike W. said...

See! Dogs aren't that bad Breda! Good on Mike for buying Milkbones.

Sounds like you've gone more than a little crazy with the paint color.

Perhaps you need to paint a self-portrait of a young lady in shorts and a halter top with a gun on her hip? Make it a 1911 for artistic effect :)

Ellen said...

I'm also going to be cooking for you if you are going to the Blogshoot. So, let Breda know if you're planning to attend.

Jay G said...

I'm with Alan.

Marty said...

Alan, FTW!

Newbius said...

Got any oven space? Mmmm...pizza. :)

Ellen said...

How about pizza on the Grill?

Guffaw in AZ said...

Ditto on the pix. But, you knew that.
They were distracted by the short-shorts.
Or admiring the gun and holster.
AND, the woman.

PS - good on you re: the neighbor and the dog!

sobriant74 said...

Like Alan said, pics or it didn't happen.
btw, I would love to come to the Labor Day blogshoot, but it just isn't in the cards.

Anonymous said...

Open carrying while openly wearing a prosthesis, short shorts, and a halter top. No one notices the gun.

I love it! But you repeat yourself. (I had a blog post from a while ago titled "Firearm as a Prosthesis".)

I'm venturing out while carrying openly a bit more lately, too, even in North Cackalaki where we can possibly be charged with the moronic "going armed to the terror of the public", which I refer to as the "gun owner harassment" law.

I will admit that last week while sitting in a cafe that Knitebane go to after our regular range time and a cop walked in, I think my heart rate doubled. All for nothing, though. He didn't even notice.

Gay_Cynic said...

Congrats on the rescue! There are many things the average sort won't notice when confronted with a stunningly pretty young lady in a halter top and short short shorts..

Old NFO said...

Good job Breda :-) Busy is good, and nice of you to help the neighbor. Most would have just walked on by.

Nancy R. said...

Yay on the OC! I just wish I was brave enough to wear shorts in public. *grin*

crash burn said...

Breda, more than three people care! I'm two guys all by myself, and I'm more than capable of voting at least 4-5 times in a good cause.

be603 said...

We'll make a sailor of you yet! Standing orders for apprentice seaman, "If it doesn't move, paint it."

Willorith said...

An intelligent, bold, armed woman. A delightful character. A desirable bride. Mike surely found gold in you, madam.

Bubblehead Les. said...

Put the Dishwasher on the curb the night BEFORE Garbage Pick Up. Someone will swing by and haul it off to the Metal Scrap Yard faster than you can say "Hope and Change."

Earl said...

Did you go get a map?

wv - humsms (posting comment for no good reason)

Firehand said...

I've had two neighbors who had pit bulls: the first, I wouldn't trust those dogs for anything; the second, I'd give them sticks to chew on and an occasional milkbone and never had a moment of worry.

Guess which dogs were actually treated like family pets?

Mike W. said...

FH - Yep. Pitbulls have the potential to do more damage should they attack, however potentiality and actuality are two different things. They get a bad rap because of isolated incidents and bad press stereotyping them and their owners based on such incidents.

SHARON said...

AWWW, Breda, I care, I really do. I wish I lived closer so I could be at the blogshoot. And.....
"There are no bad dogs, only bad owners." Pit Bulls are actually
'American Stadfordshire Terriers' and I told my friend Joyce that I might be get one. She was all happy and asked what kind of dog is it? When I said 'Pit Bull', her persona changed in a second. Bad rap for the breed, for sure.

James family outpost, Iowa. said...

Ah, smart, witty, and adorable in your summer carry outfit... we read, so we care.
Oh, and I pray tonight that Alan Schulman never needs a gun. Stay home and wet your bed Al. Amazing that he went to law school. City council in my city promotes our city, and is helpful to citizens concerned about crime. They do not lecture us on state laws they don't agree with. Stay in your lane, two bit tyrant.