Monday, October 17, 2011


I had a nerve-wracking 3+ hours yesterday updating my iPhone. I cooked supper and folded laundry while I waited, occasionally checking on its progress and having momentary fits when it became apparent that it was Doing Mysterious Apple Things. On its own. Which is freaky.

Eventually I had to just walk away, accepting that the phone was smart enough to know exactly how to go about its own business of downloading and backing up and whatever else it needed to do to continue being awesome.

I'm still pretty much stuck in the "Holy moly, this is the most amazing, magical gadget ever invented! Music, internet, camera...WOW! I can do all this stuff! And it fits in my pocket! I live in the future!" mindset when it comes to smartphones. I hope I never stop being amazed.

But you know, there's always someone who rains on my iParade. SayUncle, who keeps trying to invent a 1911 vs. Glock-esque rivalry between iPhones and Droids, had better go out and get himself a pair of skinny jeans and a bad haircut because he's becoming a smartphone "I had that app before it was cool" hipster.


Alan said...

IOS 5 best new features:

iMessage and the new notifications.

And they're both better than what's on my android.

Mike W. said...

Everyone talking about IOS 5 and upgrading has convinced me to just say "fuck it" and upgrade to an iPhone 4GS.

And yeah, I'm still in the "OMG smartphones are awesome!" camp.

What exactly is this "iMessage" thing?

instinct said...

iMessage allows you to send a text to any other iPhone on OS5 without using the text service so it doesn't count as a text message.

After working at a wireless service for about a year, I can't see how anyone likes the Droid phones. Every time an update is released we are bombarded with calls about the phones not working now.

My personal favorite was the HTC update that put phantom voicemails on the device and the notification would not go away at all. Then LG released an android update that essentially screwed all of their phones into uselessness. Never had that problem with my iPhone.

Yeah, iPhones rock much, much harder than any of the other ones out there.

Andy said...

Uncle is just jealous. Everybody knows you are way more hip.

SpeakerTweaker said...



McThag said...

My Droid 2 still doesn't let me play my songs I bought from iTunes.

Likely never will.

You'll have that.

The 1911 v Glock thing is actually quite apt. They are also more alike than different.

Cargosquid said...


I'm lucky that my cell doesn't have a rotary dial. My upgrade still has physical buttons you push.

And my last/first phone was from 2003.

So....can you call long distance on them?

wv: sweet

Yep, smartphones are.

Kim said...

From what I can recall, Uncle already has skinny jeans and a bad haircut.

John Richardson said...

I'm OK with the 1911 v Glock analogy just so long as we can agree that the iPhone is the 1911.