Monday, October 17, 2011

Messaging mom

My mom has an iPad, which means we can now iMessage (it's a verb because I say so) each other for free.

This evening I was telling her about a book I just checked out (I'm in blue):

See, I had quite a few "odd bits" experiences growing up. I learned very early on that if Mom said, "It's roast beef, just eat it." she was being honest. Kind of.


Damn you, autocorrect.

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Ponyexpress said...

Thanks for the LOL of the day. This was a good one.

NYEMT said...

Mortician hearts are iffy at best. I know - my friend's daughter is one. She's a sweet girl, but absolutely remorseless. Put you down in a second without a qualm, if the need arose.

Sean D Sorrentino said...

My wife made tongue two days ago. Yum. She works for/with a farmer, and she knew the cow whose tongue we ate. She still has his heart in the freezer. I am looking forward to yummy stew. Try this cookbook. itz teh awesomez

Grass Fed Gourmet

Lydia said...

I find this amusing as I have very fond memories of the story you told about the times your Mom tried feeding you Odd Bits...and your flat out refusal to try them. Our little Breda has grown up!!!

Weer'd Beard said...

The Feet are the tastiest part of the pig. Heart meat never did it for me...tho I had a Native American friend who would spit on his momma for a nice fresh Moose Heart.

Breda said...

I've eaten heart and tongue (oh, and testicles.) but have successfully avoided feet so far.

Marty said...

Any meat done right can be excellent.

Marty said...

Oh and auto-correct and Moms can sometime be a dangerous combination.

Dannytheman said...

Auto correct gets me often too!!

"I've eaten heart and tongue (oh, and testicles.)"

What was the Morticians name?

Mike W. said...

Your mom cooks Heart. I think this solidifies her as a badass.

bacon-wrapped heart?

BobG said...

Heart is one of my favorites, especially lamb.

Jake (formerly Riposte3) said...

You need a t-shirt that says "I <3 <3"

Sean D Sorrentino said...

"bacon-wrapped heart?"

From the Grass Fed Gourmet:
Heart is chewy muscle meat, much like some of the tougher cuts of meat in the shoulders of pork, lamb, and beef. Thus, if your family won't sample a recipe containing hear alone, try removing the hard parts, chopping it up, and adding it to your stews. Your spouse and kids will never know the difference.

There is bacon in the "Braised Heart" recipe though.

TheAxe said...

I was thinking more like Morticia - "Gomez will hunt her down for revenge"

Cargosquid said...

Of course its a verb. Librarians are ALWAYS right.

Buckshot said...


Got to watch serving people heart.

My Dad served one of his sisters-in-law heart once. told her it was round steak. Sliced very thin (3/16" or so) dredged in flour and pan fried in oil.

She thought it was a little tough, but bought the story.

Then he told her what it was, and she spewed, according to him, for hours. He swore she didn't eat enough to spew that long!

How did you cook the tongue? Pickled is a good way.

Have you ever had brains? No one eats them any longer with Mad Cow (IIRC they were pork brains) but I remember them being good eating, rolled in flour and fried, served with eggs for breakfast.

Mountain oysters are not that bad, but few will eat them if they know what they really are.


Ed Rasimus said...

Turn off auto-correct. It is hazardous. Settings--Keyboard--Autocorrect--OFF!

Windy Wilson said...

My mother made a wonderful beef tongue. I had pickled pigs feet as a child, pan-fried rattlesnake in the Boy Scouts, calf's brains in knoedel soup once in Austria, breaded fried eel, also in Austria, but never menudo, lungs or heart. I've made calf's tongue myself, and will do it again. Haven't eaten the smaller non-traditional meats, though, like those small birds in Italy, I forget what they're called.