Sunday, October 14, 2007


(being part of my "Chicks With Guns" campaign)

I took my best friend to the range today. Nicole is more than a friend, really, I've adopted her as the little sister I never had...she is family. Nicole has an interesting background. She has been to China, interned at a morgue, and dug for dinosaurs in Utah and Alberta, Canada. She loves Renaissance faires and movie soundtracks, and works at the Natural History Museum. She has a large rock collection, has the amazing ability to find money wherever she goes, and makes the most beautiful beaded chainmail jewelry. She also has a rare calm, a centeredness that makes her brave and unflappable. Nicole will try anything once. This, however, was her second try at the range.

Nicole decided that she loves the .22 automatic, a Ruger Mark II. I taught her the 4 Rules, how to load up the magazine, chamber a round, the failure drill and she was off on her own. Nicole seems to especially love rapid fire, shooting off all 3 magazines with a big smile on her face...and what a smile!

Nicole bravely shot the .357, even after watching Mike shoot it. (except with the .357 it's more feeling than watching. The concussion is palpable two lanes away.) She shot 3 rounds and stopped, laughing in amazement at the recoil, her sore hand and the fact that she actually hit the target. She's already talking about next time.


Weer'd Beard said...

Horay for Chicks With Guns!!

BTW I don't think I mentioned in my last post there was another woman on the trap feild.

Ladies are gaining on us man-folk, and nobody will be more pleased than me if they pass us!

Anonymous said...

Since I reload my ammo, my next .357 Magnums are going to be loaded specifically for sound and fury. Very light bullet pushed by a LOT of powder.

The great thing about my Dan Wesson is that every time I go to the range with it, the first shot causes the range to go quiet as everyone looks around. Me? I never noticed it until I let someone else shoot it. From behind, it's not as concussive as if you're to the side.

I ended up shooting next to a .357 one day, and now I realize why people move away.

And that's the "baby" magnum!

breda said...

Robb - when Mike brings out the .357, he politely shouts "Fire in the hole!"

People still look pretty surprised.

BobG said...

You might try letting her shoot a few .38 specials; she might like those better.
I like the Ruger 22; I first learned to shoot my dad's back in the late fifties. I now have his, and Mark II of my own.

breda said...

BobG - Nicole tested out the laser sights on our .38 snubby. She thought it was fun, even though it smacked her hand. =)

Anonymous said...

She is very beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I've never cleared a range with a .357. A .44 Desert Eagle on the other hand tends to cause everyone to stop and wonder who let the howitzer onto the range...