Thursday, June 26, 2008

and now, to celebrate...

(100 rounds...that's almost like fireworks, right?)


Mike W. said...

Haha, did you make the Sarah Brady target yourself?

Sadly my range closes @ 3 so I couldn't go today.

Good shooting BTW.

Anonymous said...

Well, if you used tracers...

Anonymous said...

Can I just say the "Sarah Brady" target is awesome? Great way to celebrate....Makes me feel a bit nostalgic for post-Thanksgiving family shooting during my childhood.

doubletrouble said...

I did the same thing lass.

Out to the sideyard range w/.22 rifle & pistol, & just to give thanks, a 1911 & big scary AK.

Blasted away & thanked the "Man" for folks like A. Scalia.


Anonymous said...

hahahaha awesome!

phlegmfatale said...

Baby, that's BETTER than fireworks!


SayUncle said...

Poor snail.


Mike W. said...

How do you like the Bersa so far?

breda said...

mike w - I made the target myself, just for the occasion. And...I LOVE MY BERSA! LOVE IT.

Anonymous said...

I had to wait till this saturday, 6-28-08. Went to my old hometown range; felt kind of nostalgic doing that. Got there with my #1 son.
We had a 22 pistol, and my Colt 45. We had a 22 rifle, a 30-30 Winchester and a Garand. Also had my stockpile of ammo. I wanted to start with the small stuff and work my way up to the big stuff.
When we got to the range, a couple of local fellas were there. They had a 357 and an old 30-06. Big noises from those weapons!
My son and I started to acclimate ourselves to the situation and the other bubbas.
Off to the side of the range is a horseshoe pitching area. There were about 50 people there having a horseshoe pitching tournament. I recognized a couple of old time local people and remembered that this range always holds a memorial tournament in honor of a long dead member.
We didn't interfer and kept up our practice. Now wouldn't you know it; somebody from that group came over and asked us (politely) how much longer we were going to be shooting. "We have some young kids and they are getting scared of the big noises"
The two young lads said they actually were done and started packing up. My son finished the magazine of the "quiet" sounding 22. I ran another 3 mags through my 45 and we packed up and left.
I'm on slow boil right now. I have tried to rationalize this whole situation. Here was a group of people holding a game at a shooting range! And the chillins were getting afeered! And they wanted us to stop making big noises!