Thursday, October 18, 2007

road trip!

Tomorrow morning, I'll be leaving for Annapolis, MD with my best friend Nicole and her friend Gwendy. (actually she goes by Wendy, but her given name is Gwendolyn.)

Gwendy, Nicole and I are going to the Renaissance Faire. Yes, I am a complete geek and yes, there will be photographic evidence, I promise.

I'm going to be away from My Mike for two whole nights. I'm trying to not to think about that because it makes me feel all stressed and lonely when I do. You'd think that after 8 years of marriage I'd be over this silly crush by now.

To distract and amuse myself, I will picture him alone in bed with a number of cats standing over him at 3AM, demanding,
"Where is our mother?"

I'm off to pack!


falnfenix said...

oh! have fun!! i haven't had the opportunity to go this year (to my dismay), so i can't recommend anyone who's been on their game, but i do hope you enjoy yourselves. supposed to be niceish weather, too - Saturday is destined to be partly sunny and 72*.

Jay G said...

Waitaminute. You do Ren Faires, too?

Ever make King Richard's up in MA? I'm going on Sunday. Might even get a pic of me in costume...

Tam said...

I have to ask:

What in Vishnu's name are those critters you and Mike are holding? They look like Zortian Brain Slugs.

Breda said...

fenix - yay! =D

JayG - Take pics! Please! (so I'm not alone in my geekery)...besides, I'm sure you'll look quite dashing. The only other Ren Faire I've been to is the one here in NE Ohio, but they're a lot of fun. I love the jousts.

Tam - my friend Nicole works at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History. She got us a behind the scenes tour for our anniversary. (ah, romance!) What we are holding is the lower jaw of a prehistoric armored fish, the dunkleosteus. We poked around in the basement, checked out all sorts of things: a sabertooth kitten skull, a dismantled tyrannosaur, etc. It was very cool.

comatus said...

Well there you go Tam, dunkleosteus. I never game them a second glance, presuming they were gunstock blanks. Should have realized they weren't PINK.

Now there will be a run on DNA for sabre-toothed kittens. Pink ones.

Breda said...

comatus - are you poking fun at my pink?

comatus said...

Good lord, it's "yours" now? I thought it was The Pink, just slowly This is really getting out of hand...can we get you some help? Is there a Color Consultant in the house?

Went to grocery Thurs., saw my first pink Campbell's cans. Honestly, I didn't get it; presumed they were print errors.
But no, I think sabre-tooth kittens would be cute, kind of.

Breda said...

C - Seeing as I'm definitely not a frilly type of girl, The Pink amuses me no end. The pink soup cans may be for Breast Cancer Awareness month.